Aimee Z’s Postcard From Hell

Thank you for posting your story for all to read. That couldn’t have been easy. Your story helps me to not feel so alone and begin to understand what my two daughters and I are going through with their father (and my husband). There are parts of your story that made my jaw drop, because they were almost word-for-word what we have been going through for the past few years. The emotional damage their father has done to them is HUGE. My oldest daughter (age 10) wakes herself up by screaming from nightmares several times a week since her father hit rock-bottom. In some of these dreams her dad is horrifying looking (sometimes with “blisters all over his eyelids”) and in other dreams he is coming to her school to take her away (kidnap her in other words). Even though I have sole physical custody and I reassure her that this won’t happen, she still stresses and worries about it. SHE IS ONLY 10! I am so angry and him, and so very hurt. And heartbroken. I just wanted to say thank you for posting this. Somehow knowing that there are others out there (who understand the insanity) helps. 🙂