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  • The Peace Never Seems To Last

    The Peace Never Seems To Last

    I hate how powerful money can be. Or more specifically, the love of it. I’m no longer living in Red Rock with Red and Marlboro. The amounts I was being charged kept going up and up and up, and finally I had to actually put my foot down and say no. It didn’t go over […]

  • #NoWayNotToBeInsulted by This Latest Drama

    #NoWayNotToBeInsulted by This Latest Drama

    Maybe if people knew that I am always likely to blog each and every weirdo thing that happens to me, they would be careful what they dragged into my life. It would seem that despite your displeasure at things I’ve mentioned in the past, repeatedly, you still don’t seem to believe I will still write about bad behaviors. I hope this time, you learn. The only reason this blog does as well as it does is because I write about everything, my good and bad behaviors as well as those I interacted with along the way. Nothing is off limits. Best bet? Leave me alone. #dropthemikeandwalkaway