Tag: Humor

  • Everyone Has A Story…Some Are, However, Funnier Than Others

    Gather, children. Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, a very financially stable, yet mysteriously angry,  elderly woman drove her motorized wheelchair into the most expensive, all-natural, ridiculously over-priced organic, our-chickens-are-hand-fed-with-golden-spoons-and-our-cows-only-had-to-chew-their-food-once meats and pampered garden produce, grocery store in Tulsa, and proceeded to use her transport to knock  other elderly female shoppers […]

  • Some Habits Are Harder To Break

    I’m writing this post in answer to Bekkie’s  advice to me about my relationship with Chef. You can read her advice here — Habits by Bekkie. One of the harder things for me to deal with lately is just exactly what to do with Chef. I’ve been given a lot of advice about walking away and […]