Rainbows: It Ain’t Just About Skittles Anymore

rainbowLast week, you couldn’t miss the whole landmark ruling about gay marriage that took the country by storm. Most of my friends had a lot to say for / against the whole thing. Facebook was dotted with rainbow colors across profile pictures, and you couldn’t miss the hot debates some Christians (and non-religious homophobes without the sense God gave a rock) ended up in. It was also noted that I remained neutral. Like the whole Caitlyn Jenner thing, I don’t make snap judgements based on the flow of opinions going on around me. I have to think about things first, before I decide if I want to chime in or not, and what I want to say. I’ve seen some of my fellow Christians get slaughtered while others took a hard stand, got attacked, back-tracked, and are now being treated worse than before they caved. Yikes.

Here’s my take on all of this.

I don’t give a crap if someone is gay or not. For the non-Christians, their only sin is rejecting the Lord, and the gay thing doesn’t come into play at all. For the Christian gays, that is between them and God. I love who I love, and if I only loved people who were living lives in line with God, I would be the loneliest hypocrite on the face of the earth.

My feelings about this are well documented. I wrote about my stepson Cole, who has had more tragedy in his one young life than anyone else I’ve ever met,  being gay (How Important is Sin When You Love Somebody?, #ThisBlogWantsToStopTalkingAboutCaitlynJennerSalvation Deal-Breakers), and why I felt like the church has erred big time when it comes to people who struggle with this particular sin.

And yes. I do think it is a sin. But, like all the rest of the ways to mess up the Law, including my own particularly foul – flavored set of sins, that is between God and His child.Unless you are that child, butt out.

IMG_0715 I have no part in any of it, except to love all men the way He loves me, as best I can. I live in a glass house the size of Texas.It is difficult enough for me to make it through a day without judging, gossiping, losing my temper, worrying, lashing out the list goes on and on… no need to add judging the status of people’s eternal destinations to it when I can’t even get a good grip on my own bullshit.

It is not a sign of cowardice or shame or guilt to refrain from joining in with the multitude of voices all shouting opinions when things like this start flooding the media. I’m not ashamed of the Lord, His statutes, or my adherence to them. I know in some circles I’m considered simple, stupid, fanatical, un-hip, archaic, a hate-monger, and a million other derogatory things. While it is true, I can be un-hip (you should see me dance), the rest is just not true. I’m not simple or stupid. I’m not fanatical or have any desire to spread hatred.

quotes106The real mind-twister is, I’m none of these things people often accuse me of,  because of my belief in the Lord. My natural tendencies as a human being are to be judgmental about people different from me; to be arrogant about my own opinions, and deride those that don’t match mine. To think I am more valuable than someone with a lower IQ than me, or who makes less money. I can be an angry person, even now, and my PBOL days showed all too clearly how quickly I’ll throw down in a bar fight over nothing important, spreading my own kind of hate and anger about life in general. I’m woefully human.

I was a fool that was saved out of my foolishness by the grace of Someone who had mercy on me. It would be ridiculous of me, nothing more than a court jester, to assume I have any authority to rule over anyone else’s life, and that includes gay people.


I don’t make a big deal about my opinions about gays, or my love for those in my life who are gay, or my religious stances about hot button topics, not out of cowardice or shame, but because I see people as defined by so much more than whether they are gay or not gay; whether they are Christians or not Christians; whether they are boys, or girls, or both, or neither. I don’t care. I think Jesus sees us as complicated, understands what we are capable of and what we are not, and when it’s time to address something in ourselves that needs to be changed, and when it is not time.

I love the gay people in my life, not because I want the world to see me waving my rainbow flag, but because they are people who 8d4711bb96ea9d6bcc4ff2b5ad398dc9needed me once upon a time, or who make me laugh, or come through for me as a true friend whenever I need one. They would have been my friends even if I had no idea what their sexual preference was, and I give them the respect of loving them because they are whole people…. not defined by any one flaw or asset; not simple, stupid, or evil. Just my friends and my family, the same as all  the rest of them whose sexual preferences are also none of my business!!

That’s my take on all of this, for what it is worth. I love you, my patchwork quilt of family and friends. Thank you for loving me back. 🙂


~ Bird






Sometimes, it is just plain depressing to watch the news. With the exception of the Bandido thing (appalling, but relevant), and the surprising twist of fate for my cyber stalker (not appalling, still relevant) , I find the direction of the news stream just weird.

What the hell is going on with this stupid Caitlyn Jenner story?!

Let’s put aside the fact that this is all so very twisted when it comes to nature and God. Simple logic dictates that nothing that mimics the real thing will ever be better than the original. Men can get all the surgery they want to look like women, or women can do the same to look like men, but the genetic material will remain the same as when they were born. People have been trading genders for decades now. Why is this news? I understand Jenner is famous, but seriously. This is getting old.

Despite being a Christian, these types of situations don’t inspire me to apocalyptic levels of prophetic outrage, nor do I feel repulsed by the people who have chosen this route for themselves. I understand how easily it is to veer off the path ever so slightly, only to find out later you are hundreds and hundreds of miles off course. Maybe I am over-simplifying this, but I can’t imagine anyone setting themselves up for such harsh judgments and ridicule that accompanies changing genders, or being gay, or sexually different in any way,  just on a whim. Something has gone wrong, whether physically or emotionally, and as such, I believe our first reaction should not be hatred, repulsion, or rejection, but sympathy, mercy, and kindness. We’re told to hate the sin, not the sinner, and I strongly believe that. Especially when it comes to this types of sexual struggles. God doesn’t hate this sin more. He has two speeds – love and hate. He loves us; He hates sin. All sin. There is no ranking sins. The ranking of what sins God hates more comes from our human perspective of reaping what we sow. We assume that God hates murder more than lying. This would seem logical, since murdering someone can put us in prison for life while a lie’s fallout usually isn’t nearly as extreme. But we are wrong. God hates sin. Period. There is NO ranking system. The misunderstanding lies where the bible seems to say that sexual sins are worse. They are, but only because sexual sins happen to damage people more extensively, effecting the very foundations of their identity and self-worth, here on earth. God still loves them, same as the rest of us. He is no more repulsed by their sins than ours. They aren’t too disgusting in their sins that God can’t love them too, and I am hardily sick of hearing the tired old religious take on this subject. If you truly understand the nature of God, this is not a hard concept to understand. It is just a very unpopular one throughout churches everywhere. Homosexuality is a sin; I don’t agree with it. Homosexuality is a sin; it is neither more nor less despicable in God’s eyes than mine. We pretty much all suck, equally.

But there is something even more disturbing about all of this drama to me. It’s the loud voices of the people who are saying, “Look at me! See me not judging and hating! Aren’t I holy?” There is no winning in things like this.

gay pastorsI hate situations like this, where the spotlight searches out the absolute worst representatives of the Christian faith to shine on their ignorance. Westboro-Baptist-ChurchWhere do they dig these winners up?!! A bunch of self-righteous zealots harping on the end of the world drawing nigh is always a good way to stir people up, both for and against. The Christians who actually know the bible get up in arms for being categorized with the wing nuts, the liberals decry the literal interpretation of the bible and its message of hate, the gays take offense at the Christians taking offense, and who wins? The media. They were able to stir up a shit storm, and nothing makes them happier than everyone bickering with each other. At some point, we need to refuse to play this game for the entertainment of others.

My thoughts about this story are pretty straightforward. The thing about Jenner is, he knew his choices would be covered by the media. He is obviously more interesting than the Kardashians and their reality show, and since that is still going strong, the mystery of what people find entertaining remains unsolved…. Anyways, he also knew that some people would support him while others would reject him. None of this can be news to him. Maybe the attention was part of the draw.  But he is the captain of his own ship, and when the wind stops blowing this ridiculous news story around, he will once again find himself alone with his decisions. I don’t pretend to know if he will be happy with them or not, but I do know, it’s between him and God. It is really none of our business. So for the love of God, can we please stop talking about it?! I wish him the best; I won’t be watching for God’s wrathful judgment to strike him from the sky. I simply understand God better than that, and I know when my input in not wanted. God’s got this.

I will not be calling him Caitlyn, as that is my daughter’s name, chosen by me because it was beautiful and meaningful like the child I gave it to, and

The Real Deal - My Caitlyn
The Real Deal – My Caitlyn

he will continue to be referred to in my mind as Bruce Jenner, a “he” and not a “she”. The good news is, I doubt I will find myself having to refer to him at all again, as this story is not real news to me, and this is as much attention as I plan to give it.

People. Please find something else to talk about.


~ Bird