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  • Postcard From Hell – IAmNotCrazyDammit

    Postcard From Hell – IAmNotCrazyDammit

    This has been, sadly, a busy week for addicts around the world. My email has been blowing up with people dealing with a loved one on meth. I’m at work, but this poor person left a comment on here (below) and I feel like I should bring it to your attention. A ton of you…

  • The Forties’ Hope Scope

    The Forties’ Hope Scope

    One of the real challenges I’m finding about being single in my forties is what to hope for. I know it sounds weird, but that has become a strange new focus for me. As children, we all had some idea of what we hoped we’d be when we grew up. Ballerinas, architects, doctors, fire-fighters, husbands,…