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  • Rainbows: It Ain’t Just About Skittles Anymore

    Rainbows: It Ain’t Just About Skittles Anymore

    Last week, you couldn’t miss the whole landmark ruling about gay marriage that took the country by storm. Most of my friends had a lot to say for / against the whole thing. Facebook was dotted with rainbow colors across profile pictures, and you couldn’t miss the hot debates some Christians (and non-religious homophobes without […]

  • What Drink Hast Thou Been Drinking? Because Thou Art An Idiot.

    Throughout my life, I’ve met more than my fair share of people. I’ve lived a somewhat nomadic life, attended too many schools to ever be considered healthy, worked all kinds of different jobs, some that had me travelling all over the United States, and rode on the back of a motorcycle all over the place […]