Don’t Forget “The Least of These”

sad-girlI read this today and it reminded me of what I’m supposed to be doing here, in this place, in this life. It isn’t battling corporate greed, or looking for love again, or worrying about what other people are saying about me. It’s about the bigger picture — the spiritual harvest. I’m one of the laborers, and the harvest is large. I’m glad I was reminded of this today. ~ Bird

“We who follow Jesus know (this) hope: the good news he offered. Most astonishingly, he made possible an intimacy with the God of the universe that can solve the thirst for significance.

To a woman shamed by an embarrassing malady, to a social outcast with leprosy, to a thief hanging on a cross hours from death, to a common prostitute —to all these people and many more he held out the bright promise that significance is not something attained but rather bestowed by a gracious God.

And thus we who follow Jesus should treat those who rank low on society’s scale —’the least of these,’ in Jesus’ phrase— as he did, proclaiming by our deeds what we believe about the image of God in every person.

~ Vanishing Grace: What Ever Happened to the Good News?

Syrian Refugees & The Need To Feel Safe

12241370_917786894964986_5530503958634759206_nYou can’t throw a rock without hitting someone who’s got an opinion about whether or not our country should allow any of these displaced people to come stay here. Like everyone else, I too have an opinion about this. I say, let them come.

I work for a transportation company for a large city. I’m hyper-vigilant when it comes to applicants applying to bus drivers for Austin. Yesterday, I had a very productive conversation with a friend about this dilemma. I’m the consummate professional, and would never allow sex, race, gender, religion, or any other qualifier shade my decision whether to hire someone or not. That being said, I’m not retarded either. I wouldn’t want to be the person who recruited and hired a bunch of suicide bombers. After the Paris attacks, one couldn’t help be look a little more suspiciously at candidates.

Here’s the thing. Christians are admonished to care for the orphans and the widows. We were charged to spread the gospel to the world, and show the Lord through our mercy and 12227064_909614155782698_112954863961749105_ncompassion. Yes, the heathens have legitimate concerns, and they are allowed to feel that way. But the saved don’t have to find this a hard decision to make. We look to the Lord to take care of us. We don’t live in fear, and we certainly don’t get to turn our faces away from the people who need our help the most. What a perfect opportunity to show Syrian people what the Lord looks like, and all we are doing is wringing our hands in fear. Shame on us!!

More and more, the world has become smaller. No longer is it as easy to consider it an “us and them” kind of place. Germany took in 800,000 people, and probably will take more. Shame on us for quibbling over a measly 20,000!! I believe the Christians should be stomping their feet and raising their voices at how stingy and cowardly our leaders make us look. I, for one, have faith in our ability to screen refugees to make sure no terrorists slip through the ranks. And should they do so, I have faith that our law enforcement will keep a sharp lookout for any strange behaviors. And then, should even that fail, I believe nothing happens without the Lord seeing. Either we believe He keeps us safe, or we don’t.

Yeah. It is as simple as that.

We do not have to give in to fear.

~ Bird