Too Much Damage

"Expect no Mercy" shown at the Clubh...
“Expect no Mercy” shown at the Clubhouse of the Bandidos MC, Chapter Berlin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, it would seem I was right about the disinformation. I got a panicked phone call that Chef was busting into the house and carrying stuff out of it. I headed over there, and there he was, still wearing Bandido attire, with his 1%er stuff proudly displayed, and accompanied by his new girlfriend who kept smirking at me. Does she think he’s going to be any more faithful to her than he was to me?

He threatened me and the guy who is house sitting, screaming that he was going to shoot the guy’s dogs, and I called the police.

The police treated Chef like a rock star, listening to how The Club were not a gang, but a club and asking him questions. There they were, happily talking away about the “brotherhood” of it.  Chef is still a Patch Holder, according to him. That isn’t the text messages I’ve been getting. It was nauseating. I ended up leaving, after disputing everything he was trying to take out of the house. Supposedly, a judge was supposed to decide, but when I left, they let him in anyways.

They let him clear it out anyways. I guess that means I can go pick up the bike. It is marital property after all.

The worst part was that our daughter Rebekkah and her friend had been going over there to pick up their friend Lee who is living there now, and she got to stand in the living room, watching her father take stuff out with his new girlfriend. Her exact words were that she never, ever wanted to see him again, hear his name again, see his girlfriend’s face again, or the truck or his motorcycle. She wanted him to just disappear from our lives forever. I’m inclined to agree right now.

If he is still pretending to be a bandit, that isn’t a good thing. If he really is still one, then yet again, he’s lying.

I’m sick of the drama. He really needs to disappear from my life. There is nothing left there to love, respect, or even like anymore. I heard his nervous, fast talking, and he even had the audacity to say, “Please Birdie, let’s talk about this.” He even called me “honey”. Right in front of that girl. Master Manipulator…

I want a different nickname. He’s tainted it.

What started out a good day is definitely ending on a sour note. 😦

— Bird