How do I accept the fact that, no matter how hard I work, I’m an average person? I want to stop comparing my self with people who got in history book but I can’t be an average.

What is the definition of an “average” person?

Have you heard the cliche about human beings being like snowflakes, no two alike? I am always amazed at how quickly it is assumed that the quote is referring to our physical appearance.

The quote is true because no one will ever occupy that space that you occupy but you. No one will see life through your eyes but you. You are a marvelous mixture of genetics, environment, experiences, and frankly, a little bit of magic. You do yourself an injustice by comparing your worth with anyone else’s based on things no one has much control over really – intellect, beauty, charm, power, money.

The most beautiful people of this world will have a deficit in another part of their lives, as will the rich, the famous, the intelligent, and everyone else in this world.

Life is and always has been about balance.

I have found people with infinite supplies of money have very little character at all because of it.

I have seen the most beautiful people seemingly unable to relax and enjoy their physical blessing; always instead,  living in fear of the cold destruction that comes with age, and the knowledge the beauty is only temporary.

I have seen the intelligent descend into hellish loneliness, brought on by the arrogance that seems to grow so well in those kinds of hearts.

I have seen the charmer cease to  charm; and shallowness of this particular skill is humiliatingly evident for all the world to see. The charmer always ends up lying vulnerable and exposed, their magic simply gone and with it, all their many “friends”.

We have all been given what we have been given in these lives of ours, and while the tendency to always want what we don’t have is a universally human trait, we should try to spend as little time on that useless exercise as we can.

Instead, embrace all that is just you. Take a little heart in the knowledge that only you have walked in your shoes, and make the best out of what you have been given. Work on the parts of you that won’t fade away in such a short amount of time…. a gentle spirit. A quiet heart. A kind hand and a compassionate eye. Treat everyone whose journey intersects with yours as you would want them to treat you, and be quick to forgive and slow to anger.

The qualities I find most valuable in other people never have anything to do with beauty or charm, power or money. They have to do with the state of the heart, and that is something you can cultivate in yourself if you so choose.