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Yes. I know. This picture has absolutely nothing to do with this page. Made you look though, didn't I? lol.
Yes. I know. This picture has absolutely nothing to do with this page. Made you look though, didn’t I? lol.

Anyone who has ever aspired to be a writer has grappled with that haunting feeling of having writer’s block. My youngest daughter, Caitlyn, described it best. She is a very talented artist, as well as a writer. She once told me she never had nothing to paint, or sketch, or write about. Instead, she just had too many ideas flapping around in her brain, and the sheer numbers had blocked the funnel, and nothing was getting through. I really liked that analogy. I am the same way. There is always those times I can’t seem to find something worthwhile to write about; but as a general rule, it is because the funnel is clogged, not that the ideas just aren’t there.

For me, the best unblocking for my brain during those times is Quora. People from all around the world ask and answer questions about every subject under the sun. It usually takes me about 4.5 minutes of browsing before something will catch my interest, and I can almost hear the satisfying flushing sound of a writer’s block being plunged right out of my brain.

As of today, 9/4/15, I’ve answered 828 questions on Quora, had 3.37k upvotes (the measure of just how well received your answer was by other Quora participants), and have even had one answer voted as the very best Quora answer on a subject, and published on the Huffington Post – Former PBOL (Proud Bandido Old Lady) On the Culture and Lifestyle of the Bandidos Biker Gang.

This page is just a little index of questions and my answers that I either liked, was embarrassed by, hated, found interesting, or just think might be interesting to my readers. I’m not a paid spokesman for Quora, and trust me, you have to do some sifting through to find the treasures, but since most of you guys are writers too, I thought you might enjoy using Quora, too.

I was going to copy and paste some of them right here, but let’s face it. I’m entirely too long-winded for all that. Instead, I’m just going to have to post links. It’s no wonder I can’t make Twitter work for me! 140 characters is what I use for my titles alone!!

Just how advantageous is being very physically attractive?

What are some of the most absurd things about modern life?

My Boyfriend Is Too Kind To Break Up With His Other Girlfriend.

What has the effect of being molested as a child had on your adult life?

What are the common traits of highly intelligent people?

What was the first thing you did after a break-up?

What is the relationship between wisdom and experience?

Why do some men feel guilty about cheating and others don’t?

What are some common mistakes parents make that could actually hurt their children’s mental and/or physical health in the long run?

I am a young, slim, very pretty woman. Why do men always wink at me?

I do I get revenge on a Gemini?

Are women attracted to sensitive men?

What are some good ways to annoy an INFJ Myers Briggs type?

Why do women love Donald Trump despite the negativity from radical feminists?

When is playing hard-to-get a bad choice?

How can I get over my ex?

Why do introverts dislike phones?What are some deal breakers or major turnoffs women see in men’s online dating profiles?

What is Tulsa, Oklahoma known for?

Why do poor people tend to be more religious?

How do I tell a fat girl that she is fat?

How do I turn a girl on instantly? (Definitely read the comments on this one. I still crack up every single time I reread them.)

Why are women more concerned with women’s issues than men are with men’s issues?

Why is it morally wrong to cheat on your partner if your partner will never know?

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