Covid – May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

It’s weird to be going through another opening of a country. Back in America, when we were all fighting with each other about the best way to deal with a deadly pandemic, China was simply getting everyone to row in the same direction. Because the effects of Covid were deadly, and largely unknown, China chose to limit the number of their population from getting it. However, America didn’t want the pandemic to impact our economy, insisting in Texas that older people be willing to sacrifice their lives in order to keep the cash rolling in, so we ended up throwing up our arms. Our “May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor” attitude led to a lot of deaths, a lot of changes in the office dynamics, a flip from an employer’s market to an employee’s market, and a terrible, probably permanent, strain on our healthcare and school systems. We never did all get on the same page. It was stressful and a little terrifying.

You can say whatever you want about China, but they managed their crisis well, and for a long time. In the end though, when the rest of the world won’t take a deadly virus seriously, they couldn’t either. Don’t get me wrong, In some provinces, the citizens were calling for an end to the stringent Covid measures. People were being impacted financially, others were tired of mandatory quarantines when exposed, and the lack of an ability to travel, both in-country as well as abroad, was wearing. So, China, listening to their people, made the hard decision to open carefully open the country.

For me, none of the Covid measures bothered me at all. We went less than a block away to a mobile testing center every three days to get our mouth swabbed. For free, by the way. The results were sent to an application on my phone that I would then show when entering establishments like malls, stores, or riding the buses or subways. It affected my daughter a little more since she’s a schoolteacher, but not really all that much. When someone in the school would come back positive, there was voluntary home quarantines. That’s it.

So, I’m now watching China gear up for a wave of Covid like I once did in America. Instead of hoarding toilet paper, most families around here are buying medicines and disinfecting products. Certain hospitals are established for Covid only and there is an air in my home of nervousness. Almost everyone still wears masks. People are staying home to minimize exposure.

For me, I’m optimistic that China won’t have nearly the amount of deaths America did. For one, their population is over 80% vaccinated. The strains of Covid now aren’t as deadly as the original one. China has actual medical procedures to optimize the chances of their patients getting well again.

I guess a country doesn’t have a 3500 year history without knowing how to do some things correctly, right? I fully expect things to be a little bumpy, but overall, I think this country made the best out of a bad situation.

~ Bird in China

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