So Many Last Times

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I’ve been feeling a little reflective today. It occured to me, we never really know when we will be speaking to someone for the last time, do we? I think of the time I spoke to Chef last in person. Did I know it would be the last time?

I’ve had friends that have passed away over the last couple of years, and each time, I try to remember what our last conversation was. We had no idea that would be the last time we spoke, did we?

For some people we meet, that’s okay. They were part of a chapter that has long been concluded. But for others, it makes me wish I had taken a minute longer to memorize the moment.

I’m thinking like this because I’m making big changes, and those changes mean there are probably more people I will never see again.

I always thought life was just mercilessly long, but I see clearly now. It simply isn’t. It’s going by us so quickly, we don’t even realize the speed. In a blink of an eye, it’s over.

I hope I remember this exact feeling forever; that way, I can treat each person in my life with kindness, like I would hope I did when I find out they’re gone. ~ Bird

2 responses to “So Many Last Times”

  1. Thinking of my dad who passed 12yrs ago last month. And my twin brother who passed on the 21st of July in 2014. I remember both of those “last conversations” well. Each for different reasons. I miss them both.

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