America the Pharisee Nation

America the Pharisee Nation

Anyone who has been watching the January 6 Hearings can’t help but to have been moved by the story of the two election workers mother and daughter – Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss. To be targeted by Trump and Rudy Giuliani in their shameless efforts to cheat us all out of our votes and to install a loser into our presidency was in itself, terrible. But to me, their story was a reminder to me of how our country has remained stagnant in our racism and our hatred, two foundations we built everything on.

I’ve alway heard the optimistic, almost reverent adage that America was built on Christian principles, but for myself, I never found that to be true. Yes, we had founding fathers who called themselves Christian, and maybe they were, but some of the fruit hanging on those trees was rotten. In fact, if we apply Jesus’s instruction to look to the fruit to America, we would find this country has pretty much always been a cesspool.

Anyone who has ever lived in a house knows, the structure is only as good as the foundation. If there is a crack, the doors won’t close right; cabinets won’t align; toilets will back up; windows won’t open or close. The foundation is the first, most important part of building a home, and it goes to building a nation as well. So, what is America’s foundation?

This country wasn’t uninhabited. When we got here, there were already people here. Columbus was a elitist jerk who saw the indigenous people he found as simpletons who would be easy to overpower and enslave. And that is basically what we did. We sent boatloads of settlers who hunted these people, pushed them out of lands that rightfully belonged to them, made them sick on purpose, broke promises to them, actively tried to breed the native out of them (some of you will recognize the Great Replacement Theory), and stole from them.

And at the same time we were stealing and terrorizing the people here that had never done anything to us, we were importing slaves from Africa. They were mistreated from the minute a slave trader caught them, often dying in terrible conditions on ships, only to arrive in America to be treated in such a manner they probably were left wishing they had died on the ship. We bred them and sold their children. We raped the women, the men, and the children. Even when the law set them free, we set laws and policies in place that would last even to this day to make sure they would have to work so much harder to have half of what we white people would get.

When our founding fathers said “all men are created equal” they meant all white men who owned land are created equal. That is because America was never a country in service to God. It was a country in service to Money and Power. And when our government plugs along in service to its real gods, it works exactly the way it was always designed to do. It glorifies and protects only those who have money and power. It uses and discards those who have neither of these things to offer. America was never, and never will be, a Christian nation. That is simply a lie told that helps hide the identity of the real deities in charge.

If America had really been a nation founded on the principles of the Bible, we wouldn’t have guns in every hand. When Peter used a weapon in defense of Jesus, He told him not to. We are not supposed to justify killing each other.

We would have come to agreements with the indigenous people already here, and who knows how many of those cultures would not have died out because of us? And any black people who came would have been welcomed immigrants like us, not slaves. I have news for every evangelical in America hawking this crap – you’re lying. America has no right to be self-righteous in the face of any other nation. I would argue she should be more humble, instead. We have held ourselves out to be the beacon on the hill, but beneath our promises has been a deception about just who was worthy of that help.

I’m ashamed of what happened to Ruby and Shaye, but not surprised by it. It reminds me again of how easy my life has actually been simply by the fact that I was born with white skin and blonde hair. The chances anyone would ever break into my home to make a citizen’s arrest over a fucking vote is almost nil. And if a moron tried, I could shoot them straight in the face in my living room and know with reasonable certainty a jury will agree that I was within my rights. Do you know why I had that and Ruby and Shaye didn’t? Because of the way I look.

I am sad to watch what is happening to our country. To admit that America isn’t a Christian country is not to say that I don’t love her. I do. I think I am watching her burn spiritually. God isn’t mocked. We say we are a godly country, but we let our leaders become fat and rich off of lobbyist with a lot of money. Did you know there is a slush fund to silence affair partners of congressmen? Just look to the top to see what is prevalent throughout our country – child porn, sex trafficking, drug addiction, lying, cheating, stealing, bribery, and my favorite – holding to a form of godliness, but denying its power.

America is having a reckoning that other countries won’t have. We were the Pharisees amongst the other nations, and sadly, we are being turned inside out so that our hypocrisy is out in the open for the whole world to see.


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