Character Witnesses, Golden Rules, and the 10 Commandments – How Not To Be Saved

Nothing with my Dad comes easy.

So, as I indicated in my last post, we aren’t close. However, I hate the idea of Dad passing away without the Lord. I just hate it. So, I suggested he read a book I gave him, wished him well, and left it at that.

Last week, I traveled to Tennessee for a wedding with friends, and while there, Dad texted me back. Long story short, he seemed offended I thought he needed to be saved.

According to Dad, he tries to keep the Ten Commandments, has lots of people who thank him for doing nice things for them, and treats everyone the way he would want to be treated. First, let me say. I’d give the man $100 if he could just name all ten of the commandments. He wouldn’t know a biblical commandment if it bit him on the butt.

However, I backed off immediately. I’m not trying to argue with an old, sick man. But his answer only made me feel a little worse. He totally missed the whole point.

Here’s the thing. You can keep the ten commandments all day long, but that doesn’t save you. You can have tons of friends who say nice things about you, and that won’t save you either. We don’t get character witnesses on judgement day. And if the way he treated me was any indication, he totally missed the golden rule too. In blunt words, he thinks he is going to be able to con God. He is so adept at believing his own lies, he thinks others do too, and that just makes my head hurt.

I want Dad to find peace on this side of life, but I think he tends to reject anything I say simply because it’s coming from me. It was the main reason I bought him a book instead.

The upside of all of this is, I did try. I didn’t argue with him about his lame defense nor did I give specifics of the ten commandments I know for a fact he’s broken. I backed off and let him fool himself. If the time ever comes that he wants to know something, he knows how to reach me. Until then, I’m out of this mess. ~ Bird

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