Like most human beings, I have a whole list of pet peeves. However, recently, I’ve added another one. Dramatic Subject Lines of Political Campaign Emails.

Last presidential election, like most of the other 81+ million Americans who didn’t want to see Trump re-elected, I did something I had never done before – donated to political campaigns. It wasn’t much, but I wanted to do my part, and I honestly wasn’t sure my sanity could survive another 4 years of Trump. And while I am ecstatic that we were able to avoid that, one of the unintended consequences is, I get a ton of emails daily begging for more money. What is striking to me, though, is how these messages are phrased. I mean, they are wanting my money, and yet some of them brush against being highly offensive, very manipulative, somewhat dishonest, and generally aggressive.

For instance, today alone one email supposedly from DNC HQ warns me that today is the very last day I can re-register to be a card-carrying democrat. Really? I’m thinking that isn’t true. Like, at all. The reason I know this is that I’ve been getting this specific email for months now. So, no. This is clearly an email-who-cried-wolf scenario.

“You’re the only Austin Democrat who hasn’t responded to our Poll” – I mean, seriously? Does anyone believe this crap? I’d respond to the poll if I wasn’t required to pay $10 at the end to have my answer counted. No thanks.

“Do You Want To Hand Control to The GOP, Catherine?” Give us more money.

“We’ve Lost. It’s Over. What Now?” Give us more money.

“My name is XXX XXXX and I need your money, money, money.”

I’m just so over it. Now, when I think about donating to a political campaign, I think twice because honestly, it’s like being bombarded daily by a bunch of beggars. Enough already.

~ Bird

4 responses to “Email-Who-Cried-Wolf-Scenario”

  1. It’s also regular mail that these type of letters come from and not limited to political… Some charities that we’ve given to send requests that look like it’s a bill ‘overdue’… and usually we get requests from many that we haven’t given to.. because they buy mailing lists…It’s almost enough to make one stop from giving at all… Diane

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