A Modern Dilemma

Doesn’t it seem like all of our social media platforms are kind of becoming just these blobs of crap that are basically all the same but just go by different names?

For instance, what the hell happened to LinkedIn? Granted, for a really long time, it was THE most boring social network ever, but it had its place. Everyone knew, for business contacts or to look for a job, LinkedIn was the place to go.

Now, you find these long manifestos about politics or religion (or in the case of Trump, both). Underneath those, you find this angry assortment of comments, most of them insulting and attacking each other for having differing opinions. And because you’re here for business contacts, you have to keep scrolling by without getting drawn in lest someone see how you really feel and refuse to do business with you.

Mix that with pictures of girls bent over flashing their boob cleavage at the camera with an #I’mHiring hashtag.

Whatcha hiring for, Jessica? Maybe you should elaborate. Turns out, people really are leaning in on this sex sells thing, so looking sexy while advertising for a HMTL coder is a thing now.

Yep. Seriously. I’m not kidding.

And of course, the sage wisdom typed in calligraphy on a pastel background and blasted onto all of our timelines so we’ll all know just how deep the poster really is.

I have the Wise Quotes of the Day app, too, Karen. You’re fooling no one.

Ugh. LinkedIn is like Facebook but only sadder because none of your family and friends are on it and the only people liking your crappy posts are from Somalia.

Bet you didn’t think this post was going to be a scathing review about LinkedIn, did you? Well, I’m supposed to post something on there weekly for my company and we have a “no boobs on social media” policy so I’m having to actually come up with something. It isn’t going well.


6 responses to “A Modern Dilemma”

  1. I used to really like LinkedIn, was in a few writers’ groups, and enjoyed the interaction. The groups have all changed, the “old” members of the group have disappeared somewhere and new ones have taken their place. Problem is, there just isn’t the feeling of belonging to the group any more because I don’t know any of them. I do get a few personal messages there from time to time, but as for the rest of the site I rarely read anybody’s posts and never post myself either. I don’t like FB either, though I’m on it more as I know quite a few people there, though I’m there far less than I used to be. I joined Alignable, but do very little there. Social media just doesn’t have any interest for me these days. Maybe that’s a good thing. Gives me more time for other things.

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