Evangelical Hypocrisy

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How The Tickling of Ears Has Begun To Ruin A Whole Religion

There’s so many things I don’t understand about people today professing to be Christians. When Jesus fed the poor, it was godly; when we ask our government to do the same, it’s socialism. When we get a deadly virus on our shores, Christians decide to depend on God for their safety instead of get a vaccine; but hey, they need to carry a gun to get a sandwich at Subway. They march for the end of abortion, but they don’t want to support single parents, and they moan over becoming a “welfare state”.

I know that if we all look to the signs Jesus pointed us to, we’re nearing the end and I get that. Personally, I think it’s the end because people have lost their effing minds. How is the hypocrisy lost on the elect?

Photo by Norma Mortenson on Pexels.com

Yesterday, I had one of my staff get a notice of a possible school shooter at her middle-school child’s school. I could feel the sick feeling in my stomach because these days, that does happen, and often. Our young people are less and less able to deal with stressful situations and are opting to hurt as many people as they can on their way out of this life. And parents all over this country seem to not know at all what their child’s mental state is, and they have guns in their homes. Ignorance, hopelessness and a weapon are a deadly combination, and we have so much of it right now, none of our children are safe at school.

One of the most disappointing things for me these days is being unable to see my grandchildren. They were born and live in China. That is, until something like this happens. China has ZERO school shootings. It is not something they would suffer lightly like we do. Then, I’m eternally grateful they aren’t here. Seeing my staffer’s face in that terrorizing moment was heartbreaking.

I hate that the words “evangelical”, “guns”, “abortion”, and “trump” pollute the religion I hold dear. I don’t even tell people I’m a Christian anymore on the chance I’ll be linked with ungodly principles in service to money and power.

~ Bird

2 responses to “Evangelical Hypocrisy”

  1. I so understand and agree … It is perplexing. On my facebook I mentioned about previous pandemics and the vaccines to cure or help alleviate them.. were met with gratitude and not suspicion that the government was trying to force something on the people they didn’t want or trust… I don’t know how it escalated to what it is today…. There are friends of mine who are Christian… but writing and quoting articles totally incorrect and inflaming…. Boggles my mind… Diane

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