What Goes Around, Comes Around

You know, I get angry sometimes at people who actively celebrate other people’s hardships and it is really, really hard not to tear them up verbally on here. Lately, that is exactly what I’ve been feeling. The truth is, I have legitimate gripes about people in my family … but if I set them up to be judged by a bunch of people who don’t get to hear their side, then I’m no different than they are. It really blows taking the high road. No wonder it is the road less traveled.

The truth is, there will be a time in the future that all of this anger and sadness will fade, and the strobing power it seems to have right now will be all but forgotten. And I’ll be glad I didn’t give it the dubious dignity of shining a light on it.

What I will say is this: What goes around, comes around. If you celebrate other people’s failures, you’ve earned that same thing when you fail. And you will. We all do.

Photo by Kindel Media on Pexels.com

Are you knowingly spreading vicious lies? You’ve earned the lies people will say about you when you stumble. Do you think by pointing out someone else’s failure, it makes you look better to the rest of us? It does not. I have no compassion for people who enjoy other people’s pain. You are beyond pathetic and weak to me.

It is always a bad bet to think you won’t ever find yourself in a troubling position in life. Be empathetic to others. Treat them the way you would want to be treated in a similar situation. Don’t give people a reason to feel satisfaction from a crisis in your own life.

Most importantly, you are not required to help anyone else in this life. Ignore what is happening to someone else if you wish. But if you go out of your way to make the pain hurt a little more, and make the burden a little heavier, for someone else, then I do hope the time comes that the same happens to you. Don’t come crying to me; you won’t find anything but satisfaction that there is still some justice in this world.

~ Bird

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