Life Went On

As promised, I thought I’d catch you guys up a little on how life has been since I quit writing a few years ago. Honestly, it’s been really good.

When I first got to Austin, I worked at a few jobs as a recruiter – first at the city bus company, then an events staffing company, and then a medical staffing agency. Then, I ended up at the company I work for now. It was originally Link Staffing, but has since been bought out by Hirequest and is now Snelling Staffing. I started as the recruiter, but I was promoted to branch manager 2 1/2 years ago. I make a good living, work for a great boss, and I have an excellent team working for me.

Dad, my brother and me.

My son DJ is on disability now, and he and my brother live with me. The pandemic was very scary for us, as his health is always fragile and I lived in some fear over bringing it home to him. However, neither of us ever got COVID, even when I was in close proximity with other people who did test positive.

Rebekkah graduated from the University of Texas, married a schoolmate of hers, and moved to China with him. She has a 2year old son and a 9 month old daughter, both absolutely adorable.


Caitlyn ended up divorcing her husband. She left the military, finished her degree, and is presently working as a network administrator for a bank. She moved with her fiancé to Montana this year and is doing very well. She illustrated a children’s book and worked some graphic design contract jobs for a video game.


Chef and I don’t speak much. He has still never been able to get off drugs. In February he almost died from an overdose, and as an extra bonus, contracted COVID on top of it. He pulled through and is now living in VA housing with his service dog, Jenny. Technically, I’m still married to him as neither of us have bothered to get a divorce.


My mom died two years ago. My sister, who was in charge of her medical decisions, was out of town and I ended up being the only one to actually get to speak with Mom before she lapsed into a coma. My two sisters and I were there in person to say goodbye, and our brothers said goodbye via Zoom. She lingered a week before passing on. It seemed peaceful and I’m glad she’s finally at rest.


My dad is on his way out. His heart is only working at 25% capacity. It seems his hard living has kind of caught up with him. He recently bought a trailer and is in the middle of moving out to the boonies where all of his friends live.

My brother lost everything – wife, business, friends, etc. – and is presently living with me as he battles his own demons. I recognize this despair, and am trying to help him regain his footing again. It’s slow going.

I guess that’s it. Overall, life has been pleasantly boring. 🙂 Thanks for asking!

Love ya, mean it.


6 responses to “Life Went On”

  1. Lots of life being lived there! So sorry for the passing of your mother, but good that you were there for her at the end. And China?! Wow…. what a life your daughter is having there, I imagine. I hope you see your grandchildren. I enjoyed this catch-up. Great to see you blogging again. – Marty

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  2. So glad to see overall, despite the hurdles you and your children all seem to be doing well. I can imagine that Rebbekah living in China is hard, I am a grandma too now, I have a four year old grandson and a three year old granddaughter, I can only imagine how much you miss the chance to get cuddles but thankfully modern tech allows us to reach out across oceans to keep in touch. I hope you keep writing here every now and again but if you don’t take care of yourself it has been lovely catching up x

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