Is Trump A Tool?

womens-marchSometimes, it is hard for me to know how involved to be in political discussions. On the one hand, as a democracy, we the people must stay alert and involved in how our government is conducting itself. On the other hand, I tend to get so swept up in the discussions and arguments, I let myself start getting angry and frustrated. That’s when I know, I need to back away a little and put things in perspective. Yesterday, I took a little hiatus from getting into deep discussions about President Trump and his many sweeping executive orders.

There are so many news outlets on the internet, that a person can literallystarbucks find some “authority” spinning the truth to suit what one wants to believe. I went to several sites yesterday, and I have to admit, it is really hard to differentiate between truth, exaggerations, and bold face lies. I watched the inauguration,  and some interviews Trump gave, because to me, I can tell better if a person is being honest if I’m watching them and hearing them firsthand.

trump-signsIt was depressing, to say the least. I don’t feel like this man cares about dissenting voices, surrounds himself with people who only agree with him, is given to feelings of grandeur about himself, thin-skinned, and maybe does things without thinking them through first. I got the impression he cares about you only if you support his image of himself as magnificent and a gift from God, and if you don’t, he regards you as an enemy. These traits are dangerous in a person who has the nuclear codes.

Here’s the thing. God has often allowed terrible leaders to rise to power. hitler1Hitler was the worst, but it made things so horrific, Israel was given their land back. Other insane, arrogant leaders that God allowed to rise are Nero, Titus, Caligula, Peter the Great…there’s tons. Maybe this period of angst regarding our insane government right now is merely a tool for us Christians to remain sharp, wary.

godI’ve said it many times before. These times are ratcheting us up for the end, and what better way to pave the way for persecution of the Christians in America than to piss off the Muslims everywhere else in the world? What better way to weaken our government in our own eyes than to see our own President defy court orders? What better way to sow dissention between the American people than to ignore a full half of their voices, insist that they accept facts and figures clearly not true, as the truth? To me, it makes sense God would allow a leader to rise now who would not strengthen and protect us, but one who would sow instability, distrust, dissention, and fear.

At some point, the antichrist will rise up, and his claim to fame will be that Photos-Satan-Vs-Jesus-God-And-Devil-Arm-Wrestling-Wallpaperhe will be able to unite all of us. Those with insight will see this as dangerous, but most of the world will fall for the lies.

I am not saying Donald Trump is the antichrist. Oh please. He has united no one. But I am saying, practicing separating the wheat from the chaff might be a good idea these days. We need to become sharper about this kind of thing, and ready for when it will become a matter of life and death in our future.

~ Bird


12 responses to “Is Trump A Tool?”

  1. Your opinion of Trump is exactly the same as mine. He is arrogant, selfish, a narcissist and untruthful to the 11th degree. What is such a concern is that he has his followers who believe everything he says. I keep thinking he will be impeached but I don’t know what it will take to do it…. Diane

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  2. I keep saying to myself over and over how everything in life is cyclical; that this is just one extreme end of the pendulum before things swing back again. The UK is experiencing the same thing right now with Brexit, and before that Italy had to deal with a very Donald Trump-like prime minister in Silvio Berlusconi. But that’s all philosophical cold comfort. We have to live in the present too, and it’s damn hard to wrap my head around four more years of this. Perhaps looking at in biblical terms might be easier. Great post, Bird. – Marty

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  3. As a recovering Pentecosta. as I label myself, I find it utterly mind-boggling that anyone who goes to church and has faith can say this man represents family/Christian values???? I think that is the hardest part for me, as an outsider looking in, I am just wondering where these followers of Jesus are and why they cannot see the wolf among them?

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    • Here in the UK we have just heard about a UKIP member who is offering people the chance to go and live in a Hungarian town where the mayor has banned Islamic dress and other trappings of culture that is not in keeping with ‘White, European, Christian values’!! Laying aside the utter comedy of a UKIP member espousing moving to Hungary (and I find laughing at all these things, like “FAKE NEWS!” and non-existent walls and massacres much better for me than getting angry), what we are seeing now is the true exposure of a cultural politico-religion that tries to make Christianity into a White Western cult! It has been around for a long time, but now it’s stripping off it’s robes of ‘spirituality’ and just going for the jugular vein of the teachings of Christ!

      I am blogging right now on how I’ve managed to reach a conclusion about what I can and should get angry about while staying loving and forgiving as Jesus wants me to be. Ain’t easy!

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