Trauma Blogging

ehasI’ve realized lately I’m kind of a Trauma Blogger. When things in my life are smooth, I get writer’s block, but when I’m upset, I find comfort in putting my thoughts down in writing. Hence, I call it trauma blogging.

It says something about how well life has been smoothing out for me these last few years when you notice I went from writing hundreds of posts a year to just a few handfuls. I’ve been thinking lately, maybe it is just time to close down this blog. I mean, after all, I’m happy, and wisdom doesn’t tend to ride on the wings of contentment. Wisdom always rides piggyback with tears, sorrow, and grief. And what’s the point of writing if you aren’t sharing wisdom you’ve garnered along this journey we call life?

On top of that reason, I’ve noticed lately I haven’t wanted to share as bird 1much publicly about my thoughts. As I’ve delved a little deeper in relationships with new friends, I find myself less willing to expose their troubles. I mean, I have been navigating new waters about stuff that is going on in other people’s lives, and I am truly interested in why we feel the way we feel about certain things, but their issues are private, and I can’t expose them. It’s a new thing for me. It was one thing to blog about the end of my marriage, or the motorcycle club, or parenting. I was a primary player in those stories. But I’m sidelined right now, merely a spectator, and their stories aren’t mine to tell.

sad2016 sucked for most of us, but for me less, I think. When I stroll through the posts I wrote in 2012, 2013, and 2014, it is easy to recall the pain, tears, and grief I was experiencing, and that is all it takes for me to appreciate how rather uneventful 2016 was in comparison. My trend has been going upward.

I’m not going to close down this blog, but instead, I am going to try to learn to write well without trauma. I do love to write, but I’m uninterested in living in chaos and destruction in order to do so. I imagine it will take me some time to get this down, but For DonaldI’m willing to give it a shot. In the meantime, I want to thank all of my blogging friends for staying with me on this adventure all these years. Hopefully, I can find my old sense of humor and interest in the world around me I once had when I first started this thing.

~ Bird


10 responses to “Trauma Blogging”

  1. I always love your blogs. But I do agree many of them are tinged with sadness. You might be surprised if you are able to let go of the shadows you will have positive things to write about, too. I think we all go through changes with our blogs. I don’t write as often as I used to, and the world’s absurdity doesn’t strike me as it used to. So the feel of my blog will probably change. So will yours. But I will enjoy following you wherever you go!

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  2. You are one of the most beautiful and amazing women that I’ve the pleasure of calling family. If anyone deserves happiness we do lol.. We have traveled some of the same roads, and have managed to through all the chaos and tears to keep semi-sane
    I see great things in our future
    Love ya girl

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  3. I’m so glad things are much better in your life. It has meant a slackening of your posts but it was worth it to have you happy. Now, it will be nice to have you posting again but this time with happier subjects. Your friends are just happy to see you whatever.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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  4. Hey Bird. Great to know things are going well. Missed you. When you wrote you thought you might shut down “Everyone Has A Story. . .” I thought, “NOOOO!” Glad you figured that out. There are lots of uplifting things that happen in your life and in the lives of your kids and friends that can inspire posts. Perhaps tell their stories, the good parts, the moments that made them happy. And your moments, too. You’ll figure it out.

    Lord Bless, Keep, Shine. . .

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  5. Bird, I found your blog after the gun tragedy at the restaurant in Waco in 2015. I wanted to learn more about motorcycle culture, and you provided it in spades. Along the way you also gave me some very valuable insight about drug abuse (my daughter-in-law is an addict). Your writing is more than simply clear and grammatically correct; you also compose with a heartbeat that the reader literally feels. That is what good writing is all about — bringing everyone directly into the rhythm of your world. You do that really well.

    I totally get your writer’s block. Instead of simply laying low and waiting for the muse to visit, I sometimes write total crap in the spirit of simply keeping active (a big mistake). I’m learning to control that bad habit. It’s better to wait and let things marinate a bit.

    I’m glad that you’re not closing down the blog. Yours is a voice I enjoy too much. – Marty

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  6. I sometimes think also that a lot of my ‘best’ writing was when I was blogging about difficult times and feel ‘uninspiring’ to say the least… but like you I don’t want to shut down. I just wish I had more in depth thoughts when I do blog! Diane

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