A Choice Between Schmucks Isn’t Much of a Choice

gty_donald_trump_hillary_clinton_sk_150619_16x9_992So, we have a presidential election coming up, and I for one, am dreading the outcome.

Anyone with a television set or a Facebook account knows, we’ve got ourselves a real scummy, dirty, lowdown, hit-below-the-belt contest here. I myself set off a controversy on Facebook about Donald Trump yesterday and that sh*t storm is still raging strong even at this moment.

One thing I noticed right away from enraged commentators was the assumption that because I think Trump is a sexist wart on America’s ass, I’m naturally a Hillary supporter. Let’s be clear. I am not. To me, Hillary is the same kind of politician we’ve been stocking our government with for decades – deceitful, manipulative, and elitist-like. She’s got people telling her what our issues are, but while she knows it, she doesn’t understand it. The middle class is disappearing – that’s us, not her. And it shows her lack of understanding every time she attempts to make a connection with us, the voters. She’s parroting what she has heard; she’s never lived it though.

I haven’t even once been surprised that she has leaked damaging videos about her opponent, hidden emails from the public eye, and lied, lied, lied about anything and everything. To me, she’s politics as usual. For the record, I hate her politics.

I’m not genuinely surprised by Trump’s ability to have caught our attention, either. My opinion, for the little it’s worth, is that Donald Trump has some experiences in his life that make me think he speaks our language. By we, I mean the normal, middle to lower middle classes of America. He’s a shitty businessman, so he does actually know how it feels to have something repossessed. He has had to defend himself in court numerous times against people who want to take what belongs to him. He’s a card carrying pro-gun, pro meat eating, pro beautiful women, red blooded American man. He feels like one of us; not one of them.

What has surprised me is the vehemence of the Trump supporters. I’ve long been a people watcher, and one thing I do know. When you are determined to be loyal to someone who keeps f**king up, you end up getting angry, frustrated, and defensive when people keep pointing to some things you yourself don’t feel comfortable about. You make excuses, or try to give reasonable explanations for bad behavior. I know. I was married to a meth addict.

I like that Trump has been able to pinpoint some of our frustrations, but I don’t find his proposed solutions comforting. A lot of them don’t seem realistic, and some of them are downright alarming. I’m not saying that this guy is the devil. I’m saying I don’t think his world view is large enough to make good decisions.

What I don’t like is that somehow, we Americans are losing our ability to allow each other to disagree with each other civilly and gracefully. My very best friend here in Austin, Exodus, doesn’t agree with me politically, and it doesn’t matter to either of us at all. Audra and I don’t agree religiously, but we still love each other.

Humans rarely examine the pathways that led to an opinion in themselves, but I have. I found that our brains process so much intricate information in seconds. Over time, we accumulate information that enables us to form an opinion about something, and we usually just go with it. The truth is, we should be respectful with other people’s viewpoints, especially if we disagree. No one can learn anything from each other if defenses are up, information is not delivered politely, or an attitude is copped that says you are stupid because you don’t agree with me. We all have something to learn from one another.

We’re going to end up with a shitty president. That’s clear. Let’s not end up with less friends, less sharing of information, or less tolerance, too.

7 responses to “A Choice Between Schmucks Isn’t Much of a Choice”

  1. Ok… Wall of text coming… Prepare yourself.

    Trump isn’t the horrid person many think they know. The video of him that was leaked was picked apart the other day by someone and, well, to be honest it was staged and played for people who don’t pay attention and just do what the media tells them because the media is VERY MUCH on her side. the wiki-leaks thing hasn’t had much press coverage has it? Because its anti-Hillary and the press is Pro-hillary.


    Am I pro Trump… Oh HELL no. I think he is brash, xenophobic, homophobic (to a degree) and a little too happy in himself. But he ISN’T a war-nut and he is honest. When he doesn’t like something you know about it. So he is less likely to flip-flop like Clinton is.

    What they said about him in that vid was poison. And I do think he would be better than Hillary… Let that sink in for a second.
    Yeah… not good, eh?

    However. What I would like to point out is that this year there has been a lot more talk about 3rd party politics. A lot more than has ever been mentioned as far as I know. While it’s not a viable position YET, the fact that it is being mentioned at all is a big thing. The doors are now open to the idea.
    To be honest with you this is all to do with Bernie Sanders. If he had dropped the DNC after the setup between Hillary and the DNC had come out, I bet he would have had a fairly good run.
    Maybe he wouldn’t have won… In a way that wouldn’t have mattered. The fact is that a SOCIALIST democrat had a damn good run against the other two parties. This would have made it a little easier for other 3rd party hopefuls and independents to step forward next time.

    The US has been a 2 party system for FAR too long and now you have even gotten dynasties. Bush and Clinton to name just two.

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  2. This is a great post. I’m not happy with the choices this time around either. But I agree more than anything that respect about each others viewpoints has somehow become MIA. I know from reading your many posts that we’re very different from one another… but that’s precisely why I like to read what you write. It’s better than being in a bubble. Peace. – Marty

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  3. As a Canadian observer I have come to the same conclusion.. neither one of them is a good candidate. It’s too bad that Donald’s outrageous ‘rhetoric’ in the primaries that promised to cure all the ills of all the American people blinded the fact that there were other candidates who were better (my opinion) that because they were more subdued in their views… got less attention…. No ‘one’ person can do ‘all’ things. There are other areas of government that have a say! Diane

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  4. My choice is on Hillary now. Trump has made some very valid arguments about moving our economy internally and had he shown himself to be more composed since he won the primary; he would’ve gotten my vote. His approach to politics is disturbing and it really shows the side of him that should turn most of us off.
    When Hillary makes statements about him handling any sort of diplomacy or “the football”, there is legitimate concern as to if he isn’t going to get us into worse violence foreign and domestic. Personally, I’ll pass on him just because of that. I acknowledge that she’s a liar, a bureaucrat and was careless as hell with her emails. But if she wins there’s going to be way too many eyes on her, waiting for her to f*ck up.
    She may end up doing a better job, simply because she’s got too much on the line.

    Donald is on a win-win with this; even if he gets slammed with lawsuits, he’ll get new investors in his businesses due to his presidential race. Should he win, the sky is the limit for him.

    I would’ve done a third party vote, but like someone said already, they’re talked about, but not viable as candidates. HELL! They weren’t even included in ANY of the major debates, which says too much about how narrow-minded debates have become.

    Someone told me a long time ago, you want something to change, PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR LOCAL AND STATE GOVERNMENT AND WRITE THEM IF YOU HAVE A CONCERN!

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