My Eternal Truths

I am not gonna lie. Things have been feeling a bit rough lately. Of course, I’ve lived through so much worse, it would be wrong to wallow in self-pity at this point. I’ve still had it better than most, and my recent rough patch is just that — temporary.

That being said, I’ve thought about it, and I’ve come to some universal truths about my life. I hope you can relate.

  1. I would fall in love again faster if we all dressed like the Game of Thrones characters again. Hot.landscape-1458830593-game-of-thrones-cast

2. My life would be complete if I could be on one Lip Sync Battle.

3. Don’t text your ex.

funny text

4. I watch entirely too many period pieces when I’m not working. I wish I were a Viking. I could of rocked that s**t.


5. Our pirates these days suck. Also, I’m watching entirely too much tv these days.


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