My Steps Are Ordered

hopeSometimes, life is worth it. I have found myself in a storm these days, but I’m always in one it would seem. Frankly, I’m not even comfortable if things are going too well.

Today, instead of fear, though, I feel a peace about things. Life is always going to be hard. It says nothing about a person when they can be grateful when everything is going well for them. Instead, I know that I’m sturdy. I can rejoice when life seems to offer me nothing in return. I can laugh when the enemy strips my comfort away. I can see clearly, even when the world is filled with the fog of uncertainty. I know where my help comes from, and it is from the Lord.

I am loved. I am appreciated. I’m respected. I’m missed. I’m honored that He believes in my ability to push through. I’m not alone. God has me in His sights, and my enemies are unable to hide from His eyes.

I can rest in Him. My steps are ordered by the Lord, and I trust Him.

~ Bird


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