Don’t Forget “The Least of These”

sad-girlI read this today and it reminded me of what I’m supposed to be doing here, in this place, in this life. It isn’t battling corporate greed, or looking for love again, or worrying about what other people are saying about me. It’s about the bigger picture — the spiritual harvest. I’m one of the laborers, and the harvest is large. I’m glad I was reminded of this today. ~ Bird

“We who follow Jesus know (this) hope: the good news he offered. Most astonishingly, he made possible an intimacy with the God of the universe that can solve the thirst for significance.

To a woman shamed by an embarrassing malady, to a social outcast with leprosy, to a thief hanging on a cross hours from death, to a common prostitute —to all these people and many more he held out the bright promise that significance is not something attained but rather bestowed by a gracious God.

And thus we who follow Jesus should treat those who rank low on society’s scale —’the least of these,’ in Jesus’ phrase— as he did, proclaiming by our deeds what we believe about the image of God in every person.

~ Vanishing Grace: What Ever Happened to the Good News?

2 responses to “Don’t Forget “The Least of These””

  1. “significance is not something attained but rather bestowed by a gracious God.” Such an important reality for us to understand. Thanking God for this truth. May God bless you and continue to make you a blessing to others.

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