Relax & Just Chill Out

You know what? I have no idea how to just relax and be happy. In fact, I’m starting to have a sneaking suspicion happiness and peace might actually bore me!!  Funny_Quotes_and_Sayings_about_Life

What the hell!???

PS: Someone needs to get me a kitten. I’m Empty-Nesting like a mother here. 



4 responses to “Relax & Just Chill Out”

  1. Happiness is no boring at all! 😉 It is the opposite, as we need to constantly get rid what makes us harm. Being sad or indifferent, that’s really boring as you don’t develop, you don’t grow and you’re always in the same place. Aaaargh! ;D

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  2. Actually, you make a valid point. Science has shown over and over that humans need a certain level of stimulation for their brain to perform at optimum levels. If they haven’t learned how to get that stimulation by being creative and having fun, there’s always the other way.

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      • Yupper. I study ways to change the brain. It reconnects itself to conform to whatever is happening to it over time, just like your muscles get bigger or smaller depending on how you use them.

        Take it from me: life improves drastically when you religiously cut out all advertising, negative people, and violence-as-entertainment. You’ll wind up on the lunatic fringe of society but us lunatics are happy and healthy as hell…and laughing at the rest of you.

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