Sensitive Men & The Women Who Don’t Love Them

Common-Sense-Quote-Funny-Online-PicturesIn the process of relocating to Texas, starting a new job, moving into a new place, and the myriad of other things going on these days, I haven’t been as plugged into my web life as I once was. Yesterday, I checked my Quora account (out of sheer boredom), and whoa! I have missed quite a bit of activity there. As it would turn out, one of my answers on Quora to the question, “Do women really date sensitive men?” had angered a guy, who I assume, considered himself a sensitive guy.

My answer was, depends on the level of sensitivity. I like a guy who shows empathy in the world, is kind to children and animals, and isn’t a complete narcissistic a$$hole. On the other hand, I don’t normally find a very weepy guy who cries when watching stuff like Steel Magnolias and Hallmark commercials very attractive. Maybe if their team loses in the Super Bowl, yes. But, there has to be some kind of balance there, especially since crying people in general make me nervous. I never know what to do or say when someone is crying, and having a guy around who cries a lot for minor stuff would leave me in a state of anxiety too much of the time. That was just an opinion though.

Mr. Sensitive, though, took exception to my opinion, stating that I am basically what is wrong in the world today. Single-handedly, I have brought about the downfall of sensitive men worldwide, and the side effects of my callous opinion, and others like mine, are serial killers and child molesters.

Really, dude?! That’s a monumental reach, and kind of stupid, if you ask me.

I only wish I was that powerful a voice in the world today.

I’ll take an ultra-sensitive guy over a whiner any day, though.


Look, attractiveness between people is truly subjective. For instance, physically, I’ve always found men from latin heritages more attractive. I don’t really know why. Brown hair and brown eyes have always appealed to me. The perfect 10 for me wouldn’t have soft hands or really, even work some kind of desk job. I like callous on a guy’s hands, and some muscles. I fall for mechanics, farmers, welders, construction guys….not CEO’s, computer programmers, salesmen. or the professors of this world. I tend to fall for the charmers who can make me laugh. I really kind of hate that, since a charmer can also be very shallow, but still… I’m definitely into guy’s guys. Those tend to be the characteristics of men I notice. Can I be held responsible for something I really have no control over?

713c2e175436e551a0adc5ea6476070dIf Mr. Sensitive is having problems catching the eye of any ladies, maybe he’s trying to attract the kind that don’t find him attractive. I believe there is someone for everyone in this world. You just have to locate them. Plus, the real problem is finding someone who is looking for something you have while also possessing something in themselves you are looking for. Mutual attraction is required. Everyone finds this hard to do, sensitive or not sensitive, and feeling sorry for yourself, or blaming ridiculously horrible problems like murder and rape on one person who doesn’t like your type of personality is just plain stupid and makes me think, sensitivity might not be the real problem here.

Now, I’ll step off my soapbox now, and get on with my day.

~ Bird

If any of the following men become available, I’m open to a blind date:


benicio_del_toro 14509 Ben-Bratt.480 Javier-Bardem-300x226



10 responses to “Sensitive Men & The Women Who Don’t Love Them”

  1. Wow Bird! This guy really must think you have all the influence in the world to be able to dictate women’s attraction to men, so much so that we turn some men into molesters, rapists and serial killers. How does it feel to be so powerful, lady? 😉

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  2. One of the funny (yet insightful) lines from the movie “The Devil’s Advocate”, was Al Pacino (who plays the Devil) saying “Free will – it is a b**ch” (in response to Keanu Reeves pointing out that he has the freedom to choose his actions)

    One of the things I have come to appreciate is that you cannot *make* someone like you. Sure there are lots of resources on “100 ways to win the man/girl of your dreams…”, but the results of such efforts are always temporary. Even God – gave Adam the free will to love. He could have created Adam to be predisposed to loving God, but that would not have been ‘pure’ love.

    But we, with our inflated egos, believe that we can do better than God – and somehow ‘make’ someone love us by playing whatever the flavour of the month in the dating advise columns happens to be: funny, caring, sensitive, generous, interesting, rugged, masculine, metrosexual … the list goes on

    There are prisoners behind bars who attract the attention of women, and on the opposite end of the pendulum there are ‘nice’ guys bewildered as to why their ‘niceness’ is not rewarded. The answer is simple: Free will – and yes, it can be a b**ch 🙂

    The best advice is to simply stop *investing* in cultivating qualities *someone else* likes – and simply invest in yourself. Love yourself, invest and grow as a person. The more self-sufficient you are in your own happiness, the less you will depend on it being given to you by someone else…. And if no one else notices or gives you the recognition – you have nothing to worry. You did it all for you, and not for them 🙂

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