A Minute of Holiday Jocularity


santaI work for a very professional, serious woman. So when she cracks a joke, it is just so much funnier!!

This week, we’ve had a few moments of her letting her hair down. I thought I’d share!


Company Email:

Good morning everyone!

We will be taking the group photos for our annual TTMI holiday card next week.  A few things to remember:

  1. Dress festive! 
  2. This is in front of a green screen, so please do not wear green, it could affect your photo.
  3. We will be using the Metro offices.  Please be courteous and remain quiet while there.
  4. Please be ON TIME.  If you can’t make one session on time please come to another one.

Email from my Boss:

I will have my picture taken tomorrow, if you would like one as a group, I’ll see you at 624 at 10:30am. Remember to wear something festive but not green. 

Email to my Boss from Me:

So, no wearing my elf costume? Too green?

Email from Boss to Me:

We can’t wear the same thing.




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