Upon Completion of This Latest Journey

love ceases to be a demonI think deep down, bloggers tend to be complainers. Just a little. Nothing over the top. And I am no exception. Somehow, it comforts me to write a post about how much life is sucking at the moment so other people can agree with me and/or encourage me enough, I can rise above my latest funk.

That being said, this is not one of those posts. This post is about how much my life has changed for the better lately. Monday, the temp job I’ve funny-card-quote-pictures-god-is-fairbeen working turned permanent, and with it, I was given an almost embarrassingly large raise. I’ve been eeking out an existence for years on lower than median wages for the kinds of jobs I was doing. To be where I belong financially… well, there simply are no words. I had orientation yesterday, and the list of benefits alone rendered me speechless. When I found out I was actually given more than I was initially led to believe I would receive, my head almost exploded with joy.

cd3bb0e3a01ffbca491766285cba5142I’ve been walking around on air for a whole 24 hours now. I like what I do, who I do it for, and who I do it with. The fact that I can now easily afford to live my life on what I’m paid to do it just makes me so grateful.

In August 2012, I walked away from an exceptionally excellent provider in my husband, and embarked on a troubling, hunger-laden, thrift store shopping,  journey to become independent. Yesterday, that particular journey concluded.

I’m not naive, and I know the Lord sharpens me with crises, but He loves 1609758_10152930015436742_2399831189682297383_nme too, and I feel like He is letting me rest for a little while. There are other storms that will gather on the horizon of my life, but for now, I’m going to take a minute and just be happy about how my life feels right this minute.

I see a steak in my near future.



~ Bird


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16 responses to “Upon Completion of This Latest Journey”

  1. Congratulations! I’m a firm believer in karma..the hell we’ve been through..if we can make it to the other side without hurting anyone..we will be rewarded.
    I’ve been homeless, jobless, bruised, battered..but I’m still here..and so are you!
    We’re not survivors..we’re “thrivers”..what was supposed to kill us has not only made us strong, but has given us the ability to help others..cuz we’ve been “there”.
    So enjoy that steak, cuz you’ve earned each and every bite..oh so you’re buying the coffee lol

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  2. It’s wonderful to read how things have undergone a sea change recently Bird. I have to say I’m thrilled for you. You’re a very nice lady and I wish you all the luck in the world, though in fact you’ve worked for and earned all you’ve got.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx

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  3. I’m truly happy for you Catherine. You’ve worked really hard and gone through so much. I’ve read a lot of your posts, and heard you talk about many of the various things that life has hurled at you, but I’ve seldom if ever that I can remember, hearing you complain about working. You just keep working and keep pushing forward. Grinning from ear to ear happy for you here. Lifting a champagne toast to the Lady Catherine.

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