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Three years ago today, I wrote a post called Satan’s Favorite Drug Ever – Meth. Each year WordPress gives me a little run-down about how my most popular post ever is doing. Maybe this is okay for some kinds of posts, but each year, when I get the notification congratulating me on having such a landmark post, I feel sad. The numbers of people looking for help because of meth are staggering when you take into consideration, I’m no big deal on the subject. My blog doesn’t rank in the top 2 or 3 pages of Google results, nor have I dedicated this space to talk about drugs in any depth at all. And yet, people write me all the time about losing someone, (or themselves), to this drug.

This year was particularly sobering. Here is a snapshot of the dramatic incline in the number of people who have visited this horrific description of just how my marriage was destroyed:

SFDE Insights

Sadly, we still have the rest of November and all of December to go.

If this post is any indicator, we as a country are spiraling into a chemical abyss.

Not a day goes by that I don’t miss Chef, the way he used to be. I miss how he used to talk, smile, laugh… Even since he became sober again, he never has looked the same to me. Things are different — how he looks physically; how he speaks; what he cares about now. This drug truly is a game-changer.

Every writer hopes they get to write something people will care about. I’m just kind of sad that this kind of thing was my contribution.

~ Bird

11 responses to “Sobering Insight”

  1. My sister went to prison twice for this. I raised her first son until he graduated, her second son I had for 3 years. This drug has destroyed any and all ability for me to have a relationship with her. I put her in prison the second time and my mother acts like I stole her children, when in reality the first one I offered to help and she never came back the second one the state asked me to help. In the end I just have nothing else to say to her. She is clean and sober now and has the second son, but somehow the first one is just a distant memory and he doesn’t really have a relationship with her and that to me is the saddest part of it all.

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  2. I think maybe it is not actually a sign of the drug spreading but more that instead of keeping quiet, being ashamed and blaming themselves people are now feeling more confident about looking for help and advice, I do not mean the addicts but rather those like you who had their lives ripped apart because someone they loved chose this path. What you did was not only brave but selfless, and will continue giving comfort to others who might not feel able to discuss situations with family or friends, you reassure them not only are they not alone but there if life after after loving an addict, you just have to believe you are worth more and you story will inspire that 😀

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  3. SO sad, my sisters son recovered from it, but it took a treatment center 2x to get him sober…but his girlfriend died in front of him on a over dose…so he wanted to die, he lived by the grace of God…

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