Why Drug Dealers Don’t Accept Checks

nsf_background(1)I don’t really write about it much but my father has been in trouble with the law a few times in his life. Now, for me, that means just about nothing whatsoever. I find people who have a good story to tell so much more interesting than those who have the same kind of status-quo life. But I don’t want him held up to people’s judgments so I keep his mistakes private. However, I got permission for this one. It made me laugh my butt off. Thanks, Dad!!

Dad: “One of the times I got arrested, the judge made me take all these different kinds of classes, and one of them — the stress management one, I think – was filled with about a dozen elderly women and me and this one other guy who also had a drug charge. So, we had to each tell the group what we had done to get arrested. The first woman stands up and says “I wrote a $7 check to Walmart that bounced.” Then the next one, ” I wrote a bad check for $9 to Target.” Then the third. Same thing. Wrote a bad check for a small amount of money.Turns out, all the women in the group were all in trouble for writing bad checks. When it got to me, I said, ‘I got caught with 6 ounces of methamphetamine.’ The entire group of women gasped in unison. Completely horrified by my crime. ‘Don’t worry though,’ I told them. ‘I didn’t write a check for it.’”

God. I really love my dad. 🙂

~ Bird

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