Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, & Wine

mom-and-catherine-1Today is kind of a big deal for me. After I get off of work, Rebekkah and I are heading down to McAllen to see my sister, Alexa, and my mother, who is residing in a nursing home there. I’m both excited and nervous. I feel guilty for not making Mom a priority for years now, but I selfishly hate how she looks like my mother, but the stroke has changed her so much. She just stopped feeling familiar the minute the stroke happened. Alexa has told me Mom’s health is failing badly, and it’s just time to go say I’m sorry, and that I love her.

That is the part that makes me nervous. The part that makes me so excited is that I get to see Alexa! I haven’t seen my sister in over a decade at least! 12032130_10153222555599053_7071782323032446154_nThere is very little chance we will run out of things to talk about, right?! We’ve been exchanging messages all week. She’s going above and beyond to make us comfortable and to feel welcomed. Thanks, Alexa!!! Rebekkah is psyched because I promised her we’d go to the beach, and Alexa promised to keep some wine on hand. My reactions can be unpredictable, even to me, so medicinally, wine helps.

Anyways, hopefully I’ll have some stories and pictures to share on here after this weekend. Say a little prayer for Bekkie and me. The country gravel roads are beating up my little Infinity and I don’t want anything going wrong on this trip. If I have to walk to McAllen, I will. … But that would suck, so plz God! Keep an eye on my little car!

Hope you all have a great weekend. I know I will!!! 🙂

~ Bird

5 responses to “Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, & Wine”

  1. Your mother was so beautiful. Jesus bless you both and your sister as well. For me, it’s time to mend some fences as well, best as I can.. And I hope my kids forgive me for getting old.

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