No Facebook For Me Today

All prayers are appreciated; so will the rehab.

Some days, I just hate Facebook. Only there can you scroll through crap “wisdom”, hilarious videos, distressing pictures of mistreated animals, scripture, and the latest update on someone’s arguments within their own family. That last one doesn’t even come with enough information to be understandable, only uncomfortable.

Clearly, today I need to just stay off of it.

~ Bird

4 responses to “No Facebook For Me Today”

  1. I am finding that what is supposed to be a “social” network where friends gather is turning into an open playground for politics, abused animals, and religious ferver. I have been backing off myself a little more lately too.

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  2. I have been trying to make my newsfeed smaller by going to that little arrow on the top right, clicking, and clicking on “hide everything from” everything my friends post that I am sick of seeing, i.e. cute animal, abused animal, shelter animal, cute stuff in general that wastes my time. Still so much to go!

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