Slivers of Conversations I’ve Had This Week

Three short months later, and I find these conversations bore fruit.

Everyone Has A Story… Again

birdIf you’d been eavesdropping, you might have heard some of these snippets of conversations I’ve been having lately:

  1. How valuable is the belief that what you’re doing transcends mere earthly matters and rises to level of being a spiritual mission in service to God? Is adhering to rote policies important enough to risk losing that motivation?
  2. When you use lies and gossip to cause grief for a person while at the same time professing your Christianity, how do you reconcile these obvious sinful acts with your profession of faith ?
  3. At what point do you stop having the right to call yourself a victim, and become the villain in someone else’s life instead? I think I’m the villain in his story these days.
  4. Dammit, Sparrow!!! Really?!!
  5. I would be more inclined to stay longer if I had somewhere to sit down, and if you would just stop talking so much. Seriously, dude. You never shut…

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