A Sparrow in a Barrel

Sparrow in a BarrellIt’s official!!

Rebekkah and I have relocated back to Texas, and DJ is on his way to Missouri. The band has split up, but unlike the Beatles, we hope to reunite again in the future.

Sparrow and Oliver at Cousin's HouseMy dad, knowing how upset I was about having to leave my dogs, Sparrow and Oliver, behind, made arrangements for them to stay out with some of our cousins living in the country. Today, Sparrow met a real live cow, ran through several acres of farm land, and cooled herself off by climbing into a barrel of water. Oliver trailed along after her, the consummate wing man, as usual, and played like he’s never done before.

They both had no issues being around my cousins, which was highly unusual for them. Sparrow especially is neurotic and 11040399_10153126784909053_4756062943775278211_ogenerally unfriendly to anyone she doesn’t know. Until today, that was a pretty small circle of people — me, Rebekkah, and DJ. My cousin told me after I left, Sparrow whined a little, and Oliver barked at her until she took him outside, where he immediately went potty and returned to the door. To seal the deal, she made them hot dogs, and fed them each bite by hand. Lol… Now I’m beginning to wonder if they will want to come back to me after this royal treatment!!

Tomorrow, Rebekkah and I are going to help our cousin clean out a bedroom out there, and we will be dividing our time
between Austin and Bastrop. Yay!!!

Thank you all of the sweet encouragements and I think it is safe to say, prayers were answered here. 🙂

~ Bird

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