A Change of Opinion is on the Horizon

SheriffObama Visits Prison – Calls For Reform

If President Obama makes this as big a reform as he did medical insurance, I will sing his praises until the day I die!!

Today, I got pulled over by a sheriff for my tags…. again. The worst part is, I was on my way to get them when I got stopped. Unlike my kids, though, even though I was clearly in violation, the sheriff let me off with a warning… even though Rebekkah was winding up, getting ready to throw down on him.

There is a real problem with the cycle that some of these law violations throw normal people with low paying jobs into. For me, this has been a traffic court problem, but for so many others, the breaking of one law can leave them in a storm of financial difficulties. We need the whole system over-hauled. I’m so glad Obama sees the problem. Now let’s see if he can fix it!!

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