Quick Rant about Craigslist Wannabe Police

feeWhat the hell is going on with Craigslist around here? I have one last kitten, a dwarf, who needs a home, and the loonies have been coming out of the woodwork today!! Here’s some things you should know if you plan to waste your day policing Craigslist ads, picking email fights with people who don’t know you, and generally making a big ass of yourself:

1. Know why you are doing something. What is your actual goal in communicating your opinion to someone who is finding a home for an animal, and asking for a rehoming fee of less than $50? That is not a large amount of money, and is considerably lower than the money already spent on this kitten, who has seen a vet, got medicine for acute respiratory disease, and eats like a princess compared to the rest of the people and animals in the house. Keep your opinion to yourself.

2. Why do you ALL end up telling me you are vets or vet techs, but then stop answering me when I say, hell yeah, I’ll bring the little guy straight to your office, no rehoming fee whatsoever? I hope you understand, I know you’re all a bunch a liars….In fact, even worse, you are all unimaginative and boring liars.

3. When you wrap up the conversation with phrases like “you misspelled a word, so I am obviously smarter than you”, or “Go f**k yourself”, then you did not actually win the exchange. But when you follow that with “I am blocking you so don’t bother to write back”, then I tack on coward to the opinion that you are a loser. But not to worry! I don’t write back!

4. It is kind of retarded to assume that I’m any safer a stranger than you are to me. I can tell I surprised one of you who threatened me. Guess what? I don’t take threats lightly, even when they are clearly idiotic and more laughable than dangerous, and I’ve already been stalked by the best. How moronic would it be for you to end up in jail just because you lost your temper in an email fight over a rehoming fee of $40? Because I have no qualms about making sure your psycho ass ends up in a cell.

5. Here’s a news flash. There are a lot of worthy causes out there you could help out, including thousands of charities for animals. You impress no one being a little argumentative bitch on Craigslist, and I don’t take you seriously, other than so I can ridicule your behavior on a Facebook post because you annoyed me. Grow Up.

4 responses to “Quick Rant about Craigslist Wannabe Police”

  1. Bwahahaha! Not too many historians out there, I take it. If that’s the word for people who have some faint clue about who they’re talking to.

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  2. Vets euthanize animals more than anyone else. So don’t buy their holier–than-thou attitude. Know it alls have nothing better to do than tell the world they know it all. And we know what the truth of that is. Maybe better off to run the friend/local paper route than an overblown, overpriced website.

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