Only You Can Bring Rebekkah’s Facebook Account Back

Rebekkah is a goofMy daughter Rebekkah can be an odd fish once in awhile, though I find her eccentricity super cool in most respects. From collections of useless receipts to her reluctance to leave a digital fingerprint, a ton of the stuff that she does is in direct opposition to what I do. She distrusts Big Brother, and informed me when I reached 3000 followers on here that if we lived in Russia, the government would have me on a list and would be monitoring my writing.

Seriously. How can you not just love stuff like that?!

For a little while, Rebekkah had a Facebook account, and though she rarely posted much on it, I Rebekkahdid enjoy reading little excerpts of conversations between my kids. I have clever, witty children, and when they get smack talking to each other…well, now, that’s some awesome entertainment! I believe it was about the time the Facebook world started being fascinated by selfies that Rebekkah closed her account, disgusted by the weirdness, and unhappy with the very real limitations of true communication that often ended up with misunderstands and hurt feelings. Frankly, though, I miss her presence on the stupid social network I use so much for my career as well as my vehicle of communication with friends and family. I miss her random perspectives she would post about a world she sees from a different angle; I miss her rap song lyric wars with Caitie-Bug, who incidentally, holds her own like Dr. Dre himself; and I miss her photography of such random things that cross her path, like tiny crop circles. . So lately, I’ve been trying to coax her back into opening her account again. Even my computer-challenged father doesn’t understand why he can’t just go to Facebook and check up on her like he does the rest of us!

RebekkahI believe Dad and I have made some progress, since last night, she agreed to let my readers weigh in on whether or not they think she should have a Facebook account again. Yay!! All she asks is that if you feel strongly one way or another, you write in the comments why. Otherwise, a straight vote is just fine.

I’m not suppose to sway you all one way or the other, but I think you all know which way I’m voting!! So, if you don’t mind, would you vote in the poll below? Help me bring Rebekkah back to Facebook!!!! Yay!!!!

Happy Father’s Day to all of you wonderful dads out there, including my own, as well as Chef and Dennis, the fathers of my kids. Guys, the kids turned out pretty fantastic, so you both did something right! Thank you!!!

Your Friend,


7 responses to “Only You Can Bring Rebekkah’s Facebook Account Back”

  1. I have the utmost distrust of FB and use it for my own ends with conscious awareness at all times that my ends and Facebook’s are sharply divergent. I held my nose and joined last December, and I’m sorry that I did not do so earlier, partly because whether I like it or not that is how my family stays in touch. I’ve had more family contact in these months than the previous decade. I’ve gotten a great deal more from it than that, but that’s a complicated story.

    I have made conscious decisions about every thing I do or say (and I have said a great many very personal things) and stay always aware that this is a commercial transaction: I am selling them information about myself in return for access to the platform. My automatic answer to anything FB wants is no — then I re-evaluate from there. I am wary of silly quizzes, and I will never in this life play one of their joy-sucking money-squeezing so-called games for which legions of psychologists should go to hell.

    It’s a deeply flawed platform, very good in some ways and horrible in others. But it’s what it is. And there are some very very fine people there, and much beauty.

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  2. Bekkie! Listen to your mother’s friend! We HAD children largely for their entertainment value! You people are never boring, endlessly hilarious, and FB is a way to keep track of you without pestering you about your whereabouts. Be nice to your momma and open it back up again and post once in a blue moon. OK??

    XOXO 🙂 V

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  3. At the end of the day you have the option to share as much or as little as you want, if BB was really that interested in our activities I am pretty sure they would get whatever proof they needed even if you lived in a cave in the desert. You are not obliged to share every minute of your life but it is nice to share some of it with those who care about you, I over share but hey I will soon have books to sell so that is a different issue but I should imagine that the odd post showing a meal you are eating or a place you are visiting will only result in a smile on your granddads face and not the FBI kicking down your door, well unless it is really good food 😀

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