Just Some Family Pics

There isn’t too much to really write about, so I thought I would share some family photos of my kids out of our album. Boring, I know, but I like them. 🙂

PhotoFunia-1434319321PhotoFunia-1434319385PhotoFunia-1434319591PhotoFunia-1434319718PhotoFunia-1434319773PhotoFunia-1434319807PhotoFunia-1434319872PhotoFunia-1434320081PhotoFunia-1434320131PhotoFunia-1434320285PhotoFunia-1434320396PhotoFunia-1434320490PhotoFunia-1434320619PhotoFunia-1434320728PhotoFunia-1434320776PhotoFunia-1434320863PhotoFunia-1434320912RebekkahBeFunky Photo DJ as Captain Sparrow DJ in Star Wars Dj is The Hulk Levi photofacefun_com_1433393091 photofacefun_com_1433393541 photofacefun_com_1433395476 PhotoFunia-1433386983 PhotoFunia-1433387030 PhotoFunia-1434237595This week wrapped up in the greatest of ways — Dj is home!! He looks a little ragged around the edges, but no worse for wear. We are so excited! Rebekkah flies out in the morning to spend a week in New Mexico. All in all, it’s been a pretty decent little week. 🙂 ~ Bird

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