Conversation About Church – Is It Time To Have One?

church_1600_clr_8894Rebekkah: Do you know when was the last thing I learned in church, Mom?choir_trio_sing_1600_clr_11282

Me: When?

Rebekkah: Never.

Me: <Nothing, because I shot ginger ale out of my nose. >


Point of this Post: If you are responsible for educating Christians under you, when was the last time you checked with them to see if they are learning anything?


10 responses to “Conversation About Church – Is It Time To Have One?”

  1. Surely they are learning by example all the time Bird? The lessons you teach about being nice, being kind, or treating others as equals won’t be missed by your children and they learn the real way of putting these things into action and not just the different ways that different churches say they should be done. Different churches have different ideas about sinners and what constitutes sin. If one of your children was gay I very much doubt you’d call them a sinner and turn them away. Much better they learn by your example.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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  2. HI Bird. Sorry I have been away for so long…Health issues have plagued me and I am busy writing my novel and some music, which has been fantastic. But funnily enough I just wrote a post about a conversation I would like to have with the Church. I wonder if as usual we are on the same page?? :o) Blessings to you!

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  3. It’s something that I ‘try’ to do whenever the opportunity is given to me and actually I’ve had two interesting conversations recently with two of my grandsons… I try to look for openness in them…. and not be dogmatic about it… Diane


    • You know, Diane, we parents have no choice but to see if our offspring are learning the lessons they should. If they aren’t, we spend our days cleaning up mess after mess, mistake after mistake. If they are, we wonder when the other shoe will drop. But when pastors, ministers, or other clergy who exist in the church specifically to train people don’t take a minute to assess what is being retained, what is not, or what has been misunderstood, that’s a glaring mark of a poor teacher. And if they can’t simply ask those they are teaching if they feel they are gleaning anything from the sermons, to me, that is a mark of arrogance and/or a sign they are afraid of the answer.

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      • Okay My turn, I believe we go to church to listen to God’s word and take something with us as we tackle the week. If you (someone) isn’t getting anything out of it, perhaps a re-evaluation is in order; attitude check, study on your own after the message, change churches or Don’t believe it. God gave each of us a measure of faith and a choice to act on it; so its your choice.
        “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”
        Happy trails and smile somebody loves you
        Two Tone

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  4. HAHAHA! I wish you got a picture of shooting ginger ale out your nose. Hilarious visual there, Bird. Gracious, sometimes I forget that Christian educators (parents, teachers, pastors, etc.) forget to check. Our four lived with two verbose teachers as parents, so they were sort of doomed. We were constantly talking, constantly asking them, constantly wrestling with hard questions ourselves. Since my husband died, their ‘education’ has been even more in the forefront, as I continue to wrestle with 1) why did Dad die? 2) Why did Nana die? 3) Why is Poppa dying? Where is God in the midst of cancer, trauma and heartbreak?
    So, I fall down. I get up. They fall down. I help them up. We help each other up. Certain scripture really speaks, others, not so much, at least not now.
    Succinct post, dear heart. Well done. XOXO 🙂 V

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