Cows, College, and Camels – Rebekkah Finds Herself A Keeper

Rebekkah is a goofRebekkah has a been talking a lot about a boy lately, making me think she is crushing a little on him. They have a class together — either Arabic or economics. Either way, he sounds intelligent. We’ll call him Anthony.

Anthony is from a tight-knit family who love to raise animals. They’ve had sheep, goats, and now, they are raising cattle. In fact, Anthony recently traded two of his young cows for one larger cow. He’s in the process of trying to get her to gain enough weight so he can sell her to pay for college. He called Bekkie a few days ago about his sudden and burning desire to buy a camel. As luck would have it, there is a camel breeder right here in Oklahoma, but he wasn’t sure what camels eat. Rebekkah googled camels and found out they eat hay, and they were both so happy because Anthony already has plenty of spare hay.

With all the physics, politics, and other subjects I struggle to keep up with around here, I am enjoying this simplicity immensely!

I approve of this match. 🙂

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