Trophy Mom and Mom Bombs: Contest Ideas That Would Horrify My Boss

downloadSo, at work, I’ve been trying to come up with a contest for Mother’s Day.

Because the staffing agency I work for specializes in blue collar jobs, I was thinking of doing a Facebook photo contest where people could post pictures of their working class mothers and get their family and friends to vote for theirs. I was going to call it My Mom is #BlueCollarBeautiful, and I set to work putting it all together.

Two days into the planning, I had to wonder what fresh hell I had stepped in to. Between Facebook’s strict “Like Gate” restrictions, complicated contest templates, and mobile device friendly settings that require a computer programming degree to understand,  I’ve been up to my eyeballs trying to launch the cursed thing before Mother’s Day 2016.  I won’t bore you with every stage of this undertaking that has driven me bat-s**t crazy. Suffice it to say, I’m sick of the whole thing.

This evening I was sitting here in front of my laptop trying to remember why I thought we should have a Mother’s Day contest in the first  place, when I was struck by a brilliant idea. Instead of My Mom is #BlueCollarBeautiful, I should have a contest called #PhotoBombedMom .To enter, you snap a picture of your mom when she isn’t expecting it, and post it. The more embarrassing, the funnier. The pic that gets the most votes, wins. Most mothers would hate it, but it would be hilarious.

Here’s some other ideas my boss would be appalled by:

#mombomb – This is the original name of the #photobombedmom. A quick and frankly, fortuitous Google search of the hashtag revealed the being-least-disappointing-child-birthday-ecard-someecardsphrase “mom bombs” is commonly used to describe a mother’s big breasts, and not in a good way.  Whew! Dodged a bullet there.

#momsmasterpiece – In this one, you post a selfie of yourself. I got this idea from my youngest daughter, Caitlyn,  who always gives me Mother’s Day cards that reference how lucky I am to have her as my child. Hilarious, and more importantly, different. In that same vein, I thought this one:

#iammomsfavoritechild or #momlovesmemore would be a cute twist on sibling rivalry, unless it is true. Then it is just a painful stab at the rest of that mom’s children.

#memorablemommoment – This one is not a photo contest, but personally, I like reading other people’s mom stories more than looking at funny pictures.

#trophymom – This one you just post a picture of your mom. The name is more clever than the contest would be, albeit in a kind of creepy way.

Anyways, I’ve goofed around long enough with ideas I wish I’d thought of two weeks ago. Back to being tortured by templates.

~ Bird


4 responses to “Trophy Mom and Mom Bombs: Contest Ideas That Would Horrify My Boss”

  1. As Dad’s are famous for their dancing you should have gone for #momshairbrushkaroke and cashed in on Lip sync battle thing that is hitting the headlines and had kids film themselves doing lip sync battles with their mums and post the videos to youtube then link to you

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