Trivialities and Other Useless Information About Nothing Much

I got the internet turned on at my new house this week! I binge-watched all my favorite shows, checked the myriad of email accounts I have, and worked on my edits. Now that I have some leisure time, I will get you caught up on the latest happenings in my world. Untitledfxd

First, Rebekkah has been sprung from the clink. I could write several posts about that particular event, and so I won’t go into a lot of detail about it in this post. Suffice it to say, my eccentric little daughter actually enjoys being locked up in jail, and after two days and nights

My daughter, who has recently spoken to a bona fide pimp. Call her the Pimp Whisperer.
My daughter, who has recently spoken to a bona fide pimp. Call her the Pimp Whisperer.

there, she came out happy, relaxed, and with a list of numbers to call and convey messages from women on the inside who can’t afford phone cards and don’t have people in their lives with phones that accept collect calls. I had a mind-twisting conversation with Bek about how that was the first time she’d ever talked to an actual, bonafide pimp. She was surprised by his overall level of intelligence and ironically, his level of concern for his incarcerated “employee”. Would this be considered a worker’s comp issue in the prostitution business?


Second, our truck was impounded after Rebekkah was arrested, and in it was her entire life.

Also bailed out of jail this week, my truck.
Also bailed out of jail this week, my truck.

$1000 worth of school books, her laptop, her cell phone, her wallet with all of her credit and debit cards….everything. In Oklahoma, the law is, once your vehicle is locked up, you get nothing from it until you get it out of impound. You would not believe the amazing story of how God intervened in this matter, and not only did she get all of her necessary items from the truck that same day, but the amount of money we had to pay to get it out of there was minimal. I don’t want to get the towing service owner in any trouble, so I can’t even tell you all how amazing this all was, but I’ll figure out a safe way. I can’t just sit on a jewel like that!

Third, the company I work for is doing renovations to our offices, and yesterday, my boss suggested they build me a wall to

This is what I wanted to do when Mark suggested the wall.  I'm sure he's grateful I just remained seated instead.
This is what I wanted to do when Mark suggested the wall.
I’m sure he’s grateful I just remained seated instead.

help me from constantly being distracted by the open format of our seating!!! I genuinely love my job and the company I work for, and though I have mentioned the slight problems I’ve been having each day becoming over-stimulated and over-whelmed by the constant activity going on around me, on here, my personal blog,  where I let it all hang out, I had no intention of ever complaining about any of that to my boss. The pros heavily outweigh the cons when it comes to Stand-By. However, yesterday afternoon, we met to go over some marketing stuff, and I mentioned I was having a hard time this week remaining focused, and he suggested fixing the problem with a wall!! It may sound utterly trite and ridiculous, but I’m so excited about this!!

Marcus the Brilliant
Marcus the Brilliant

Fourth, I’ll just summarize the other small events that no one will care about much except me.

  •  I bought a new car!
  • I’m fairly certain my new dog Marcus isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, and he and Sparrow are once again jumping the fence and going for long walks through the neighborhood. I’ve bought two electric training collars, which I hope to implement today to teach them to stay inside the yard. I’ve always been against this sort of method to train dogs, but I’ve tried everything else, and nothing is working.
  • Our cat Sophie, who we acquired when my roommate moved out and left her behind, was supposedly fixed. Guess what! She’s pregnant. WTH???
  • My renovations on the new house are almost done, and we love it here. It’s so peaceful, pretty, and we aren’t practically living on top of each other.
  • Today, I’m writing all day, but tomorrow, I plan to finish up the painting in the kitchen and start putting down the tiles on the floor.
  • I adore weekends!!

Infiniti G35
Infiniti G35

Fifth, and last, Chef lost his job as an electrical assembler, and one of my friends/coworkers at Stand-By got him a low level cooking job. It didn’t last too long. I imagine it is difficult for a seasoned executive chef who had trained in Italy to go back to being a prep cook, which is only marginally higher in position than the dishwasher. It would seem I was right. We are looking for a better job for him now, but maybe you could say a little prayer for him? I won’t step in and interfere with anything in his life, including supporting him, but I’m finding it surprisingly hard to see him go through such sorrow and fear of what the future might hold for him. He doesn’t know where I live, and I feel like that is the better way for us, but that doesn’t mean I want him to feel like no one cares what happens to him. I still do. I guess I always will.

So, that’s the catch up, boring as it is.

I’ll tell ya’ll the story of how Oklahoma fleeces their impoverished citizens in my next post. Love ya, mean it!

~ Bird

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  1. Yay for Rebekkah being out of jail! I’m glad she was able to get her stuff out of the car, too.

    Also, has a vet looked at the cat and confirmed it’s pregnant? You don’t want to be thinking it’s pregnant and she actually have a tumor instead. And if you need a vet to look at the cat, I *ahem* have some connections that I can help you out with.

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