Update – February 17, 2015

We are officially in our new house, and our repairs are moving along nicely. We have had some bumps in the road, including having someone break into it Friday night and steal some of Simon’s power tools. The kids and I didn’t lose anything because the house was still empty. However, the house is more secure now, and we have the dogs there all the time now.






The kids repaired the drywall like professionals, and the colors we picked look really great. We’ve gotten some things for the house from friends and family, and we are really enjoying being there. Simon installed a pet door. Right after that, the dogs learned out to get out of the fence. 😦 This weekend, we are going to price fences. This wandering thing is getting old.


Yesterday, we woke up to a snow-covered world. Because we were moving, we hadn’t watched television, and the winter wonderland was a complete surprise. The news was blaring all kinds of warnings about ice, and flashing pictures of incapacitated vehicles everywhere. I was concerned because a) I have a new car I don’t want wrecked and b) we live at the top of a magnificent hill.



Fortunately, Dj found a safer way out of our neighborhood, and our truck has 4 wheel drive, so I was able to make it to work, albeit later in the day.

Overall, things are going pretty well these days! I’ll check back with you soon!

~ Bird


2 responses to “Update – February 17, 2015”

  1. Yay, glad house repairs are coming along nicely! It’s a shame about the thieves, though. When hubby and I moved into our house a couple years ago, our car broke down (at the same time, joy) and we had to leave it at an unfamiliar mechanic’s overnight (which was just a couple blocks from our house) and we were overjoyed the next morning to find that someone had broken into it.

    All they got was the quarter I kept in there for the shopping cart at Aldi.

    Sadly, we had to pay nearly $200 on top of replacing the engine coil for the window they busted.

    And then the week after we moved into the house, someone stole my bag of clothespins off the laundry line. It was bizarre.

    Fortunately, we’ve not had anymore problems with theft since then, and hopefully you won’t either!

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