Bare Feet and Light Hearts

ICONToday, Rebekkah, DJ, and I are finally moving out of The Blue House and into a bigger, prettier, safer house that costs considerably less. The person renting to me is an old friend of my family’s, and a huge improvement over the landlady I’ve been dealing with this last year. Other renters had left the house in a sad state, but thanks to a tax refund and the generosity of other friends, we were able to fix it up rather nicely. We are still working on it, but the lease here is up today, and even surrounded by paint supplies and drywall repair supplies everywhere, we feel happier in general being there. We are wiping the dust of this house, and all that has grieved us while living here, from our feet, and strangely, we each feel less burdened just by embracing that biblical concept. Barefooted and light-heart-ed. That is how today feels.

I love that this new home is in a part of town we’ve never lived in, nor have we ever even had a reason to interact with that part of town in the decade paper text ubuntu power pen writing 2000x1333 wallpaper_www.wallpaperfo.com_79and some change we’ve lived in Oklahoma. There are no bad memories there. It is quiet. It’s an older neighborhood, with bigger floor plans than are constructed in the new homes these days, and so far, the  families I’ve interacted with seem to be about the same age as I am. The view is amazing, overlooking the water. I can’t express with any level of accuracy just how timely this all fell into place for us, nor what it means to my kids and me to have our rent cut down by almost a whole 50%. We were allowed to pick our own colors to paint the rooms, tiles for the kitchen floor, and a myriad of other small improvements that make such a big difference to our general outlook about life these days. I feel God’s mark on every single part of this move, and I am thankful for change. People I lost touch with years ago suddenly came forward and helped repair things in it I would probably have never been able to afford. Simon painted it while we were at work and at school. At work, several of my coworkers/friends seem genuinely excited for me, and my boss requested a wish list of anything we might need to live comfortably in our new home, including furniture. We have been existing without much in the way of real furniture here, and people at work have been giving me things like curtains and sheets to help me out. What is truly appreciated is the way people treat me even knowing how dirt poor I am. I’m never caused to feel ashamed, or of less value, by any of these people. And there is a lot of them, especially at Stand-By. I can’t tell you how often I see Jesus in these people I work with. That is the highest compliment I could give anyone, and I say it with true sincerity. God hangs out with us at work. 🙂

One thing we have not yet been able to afford is the internet at the new place, so it might be awhile before I write again, unless I am able to do so at lunch during the week. I wanted to let all of you who were so kindly concerned about me that long silences right now are merely a matter of moving, lack of internet, and not because of depression. I can say happily that the bout with depression has taken a turn for the better, and I am feeling better and better every day, and without using pills or alcohol at all. I’m dealing with life and all the ups and downs that go with it in a healthier way and growing stronger spiritually as well.

abstractThank you all for your encouragement, and to my friends who are helping me with the house, and the stuff for the house. I hope you all receive back ten-fold all that you’ve done for my family. Have a great day! I know I’m going to!!

~ Bird



4 responses to “Bare Feet and Light Hearts”

  1. I’m so pleased and happy for you and your family Catherine. I know that your new surroundings will really help your outlook on life too. You have many friends ‘reality and virtual’ ones, that care very much for you. I know you’ll be in touch when you can. Take care… Love Diane xo

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  2. I think I started following your blog back in October/November, around NaNo time (I’m one of the Tulsa MLs), but I use an RSS reader and rarely actually scroll through my WordPress reader, but your post back at the end of January about poor Ella caught my eye. It broke my heart, partly because I have the first dog I’ve had in nearly a decade, and because I dealt with an animal neglect situation over this past fall with some neighbors down the street with me, and I don’t know what ever happened to that poor dog.

    God has brought you and your family to my mind time and again the past few weeks, and I’m so relieved to see that you’re moving to a better, safer place!

    And I’m officially adding your blog to my RSS reader. Because I need to read more from ‘local’ people. 🙂 And fellow Christians, too.

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