I Hit the Upvote Jackpot! (And I Haven’t A Clue Why)

So, about a week ago, during The Great Depression of 2015, I went on Quora and answered something like 4 questions. Three of them, I put some real thought into. One of them, I answered very quickly, with two sentences.

I looked on Quora yesterday, and for some bizarre reason, my quick, 2 sentence reply seems to have struck a very large cord in people. I re-read what I wrote, and I still haven’t a real clue what hit home with so many people. Yet, 803 people “upvoted” my quick answer. Today, I have another couple of hundred. I read it again, and I’m convinced. I did not write anything spectacular, funny, or even the tiniest bit witty in any way.

Look at this craziness! I’ve already cleared out over 803 Upvotes yesterday, and today, it got 234 more! WTH?


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