A Good Moment

Austin bound
Austin bound

I’m sitting on a train. You’d think this would be the beginning of my trip to Austin, but you’d be wrong. The trip from Tulsa to Oklahoma City was…. scary. First, I let Rebekkah drive. She’s a good driver, but I am not a good passenger when it comes to my kids. It was foggy, cold, and the truck’s heater doesn’t work. Add in Oklahoma ‘s upsetting decision to save money by turning off the street lights, and you have one tense drive. Then, my son’s ride to work fell through, and every time he or anyone else called
me, my navigation app turned off and I had to start it up again. While I was dealing with this, all without freaking Rebekkah out about it, (she worries herself crazy when plans fall through), I realized that she and Dj had switched phones for today, and all the info I was sending was going to Rebekkah ‘s pocket, including various people I’d given the wrong number to. I imagine she’s already spazzing out in the parking lot reading all those frantic texts.

Despite everything, I feel happy about this trip. My kids are grown and capable of handling their own business. Michael is finally getting his father back, and Dad his son. Life is good right at this moment.

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