Asked and Answered: Quota Questions

I’ve mentioned Quora a few times over the years. For my long nights of insomnia, it has really been kind of useful way to keep my crazy hyperactive brain under control.

Awhile back, I started to get requests in my inbox asking me to answer certain questions. I have still not figured out why I’m being asked specifically, but whatever. I answer most of them. Here’s a little hodge-podge of cyber-wisdom from Quora.



important 5 years ago

For more useless crap from Quora, click my Quora Questions: Asked & Answered here.

I have about two thousand things I could write about tonight, but I’m going to hold off on all of them because Rebekkah’s dog, Ella, has been missing all day. Rebekkah loves that dog more than she does pretty much anything or anyone else, and I feel so sick over this. All you prayers, would you please say one for Ella and Rebekkah? Thank you.


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