My Year of Living Dangerously Close To Losing My Mind

For DonaldLike I do every year, I looked through my posts from the closing year to pick out ones that I really liked, or that were a big deal to me for some reason, or just ones that offer up a little glimpse in my world. After a lengthy walk down memory lane, I now have a headache. This was a weird year.

2012 was the Year of Heartache, Disbelief,  Co-dependence and Deep Emotional Pain.

2013 was the year of Acceptance, Forgiveness, and Setting Boundaries.

2014? The Year of Living Dangerously…… That is, Dangerously Close to Losing My Mind.

There was a bunch of truly weirdo things going on in my world this year. Reports of couch cushion theft in progress, a cyberstalker, plumbers who steal panties, my penchant for dog hoarding… Too much for a quick wrap-up piece. Here’s a smattering of stuff … There was no rhyme or reason for the crap I experienced this year. It was a true mess. 🙂

Pipes, Panties, and Plumbers – In the midst of the worse rental disaster I’ve experienced to date, broken pipes under the house,  I am forced to deal with the theft of my daughter’s panties by the plumber, who we had hailed our hero only a brief hour or so before.

Honorable Mention Moments – Roommates, their pets, and golden showers.

The Devil Made Him Do It – A long overdue warning living and shitand explanation to accompany this site’s most read post, Satan’s Favorite Drug Ever – Meth. Written in the midst of a lot of pain, the co-dependence comes through very clearly. I wrote a follow-up to explain that, and point people in a healthier direction.

Spring Flower in WinterDo Animals Go To Heaven When They Die – Saying good-bye to Jake. Which launched my bout with temporary insanity, which I like to call My Year of the Dog – Dogged By Problems of the Canine Persuasion and Bird’s Pet Emporium: Rules I Thought People Wouldn’t Need to Be Told.

Spiritually, I’ll admit. I’ve been struggling this year. In a way, I find myself returning back to the basics, as in Jesus Was A Homeless Guy and What I Learned From One Ugly Dog.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that 2015 will make more sense.

Happy New Years, my friends!!

~ Bird



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