Poor People Give Thoughtful Presents

dadFor some of you who have been following me for awhile now, you know the story behind my father and my brother not having seen each other in decades. For the newcomers, the tragic tale is also a rather common one. Our parents divorced when we were little children, and our mother quickly married again. In Mom’s mind, there just wasn’t a place for Dad in this new family, and she took great efforts to make sure he was not a part of it. Long story short, it has taken my brother and my father an entire lifetime to find their way back to each other.

This Christmas will be the first time I have to compete gift-wise with my brother when it comes to buying something for Dad. Frankly, I like the competition ….at last!

I was really trying to think outside the box to wow Dad, but because I’m poverty-stricken, I was going to have to come up with something thoughtful. Yes. Thoughtful presents are what we poor people have to resort to. I thought I had just the perfect thing… And then I found out what Mike is getting Dad, and I was so blown away, I knew. I have already lost Christmas Presents For Dad: Year One.

I will never be able to top that ever, and Dad’s reaction is going to be epic.

Well played, Michael. Well…Played….

The one cold comfort I have is knowing, Mike will never be able to top this first gift of his either! 🙂

All kidding aside, having my brother and my father back in each other’s lives again is the best Christmas gift Jesus could have possibly given me. I have my own epic gift this Christmas, too.

Now. To save my little present some humility, I am going to give Dad some time to train his reaction when he sees the gifts side by side.

Dad. I got you this coffee cup:

to dad


I bought it before I knew what Mike got you. Now, I feel like it is mocking me.

One of the things I adore about you most, Dad, is how you assure me all the time that you love Michael and I equally, even though the thought you might not absolutely adore me has never once crossed my mind in 46 years. I want to see if you can fuss over our gifts equally (and convincingly) when you see what Mike got you, with this coffee cup sitting right next to it. 🙂

Better start practicing now, Dad!

Love you. Both of you. Mean it!

~ Catherine aka Bird



7 responses to “Poor People Give Thoughtful Presents”

    • You know, David. I feel like I was an only child when it came to Dad, and with it, those privileges that go with it. Michael missed out on all that, and they both have to make up for so much tiime they can’t get back. I know my father loves me. The fact that he loves his son too takes none of it away from me. Michael needs this and so does Dad. I’m fine with it, and frankly, my Dad’s reaction is going to be so joyful.. I have always wanted to see him purely happy again, like when I was little, and I think having his son back was pretty close. This will lock the whole thing up. I’m as excited as if I had thought of it!!

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